Eight alternatives to using fresh flowers for your wedding

May 22, 2018

There are many reasons brides may choose to stray from the traditional flowers on their big day.  Some of the main reasons would be the lack of sustainability of fresh flowers and wanting to be a bit more eco-friendly.  Some brides want to shine their whimsical personality and sometimes using something other than fresh flowers can express that a bit more.  And some like to keep the bouquet and display it for years after the big day has occurred and with fresh flowers that is just not possible.  


Here are eight alternatives to fresh flowers for your wedding day we really love! 


Sola Wood Flower Wedding Bouquet

Sola wood flowers (see more sola wood flower bouquets here ) Our top pick these wood flowers come in pre-shaped flowers that look so close to fresh flowers.   If you are a full DIY bride you can buy the flowers and dye them any colors you want using just acrylic craft paint.  Don't want to make your own bouquet?  No problem places like Etsy have a ton of independent sola wood floral artists! 


Alternative Wedding Bouquet

Dried/ Preserved Flowers (photo credit here

Instead of fresh flowers why not use dried flowers? 

Alternative wedding bouquet

Furniture Knobs (Photo credit and tutorial found here)

My furniture rehabbing heart absolutely love this idea! 

Jewelry wedding bouquet

Jewelry and Brooch Bouquet (credit found here

Bring on the sparkle and charm with this beautiful bouquet! 

alternative wedding bouquet

Whimsical butterfly bouquet (Photo credit and tutorial found here

How whimsical and fun is this bouquet?

paper flower wedding bouquet

Paper Flower Bouquet (Photo credit found here

Another great DIY project or again another type of bouquet that you can find so many talented artists to make your vision come to life! 

fabric flower wedding bouquet

Fabric flower bouquet (Credit found here

We love how you can add a bit of sparkle to these bouquets by using jewels as the center of the "flowers"


Felt flower wedding bouquet

Felt Floral Bouquet (Credit found here

Felt flower bouquets are so fun and another great material that has so many wonderful artist to pick from to make your bouquet one your heart is set on! 


We hope these gave you some great ideas for a few alternatives to fresh flowers for your wedding or any other day you want some beautiful flowers in your life that you could either DIY or have someone make for you.  




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