How to make a modern floral wreath- DIY video tutorial

September 13, 2017

How to make a modern floral wreath- DIY video tutorial

As you will find out very quickly I love a good wreath.  But as many things when it comes to decor I like things that you won't find everywhere (yet)  and this modern wreath is just that!  

I have one right now hanging on my front door but this sweet piece would also look really great as an accent piece on a gallery wall or as a piece of wall art in a bedroom or office.  

You can go super boho vibed with it. Or I think it would look really sweet in a modern farmhouse decorated house.  Depending on the flowers you pick it is pretty much perfect for any season.  I cant wait to make another one but make it more of a winter holiday wreath.  

  how to make a modern floral wreath


I know I say this about all of my tutorials but guys, seriously, this is super easy!  So lets get to it! 




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Cant wait to see you guys again next week!  XO Stefanie 

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