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Luxe Sola Wood Flowers

Stella- 3 inch - Set of 6


Is she a rose?  Is she a peony?  Maybe she is a little bit of both, which is why we wanna scream STELLA  (more because we like screaming the name Stella less because we are dramatic about not being sure if we should describe her as a rose and/or peony) 


  • Available 3 inches 
  • Unique designs in every bouquet.
  • Sold in sets of 6 

Please note these wood flowers are handmade and there can be a slight difference in size and shape from flower to flower.


Sola flowers are not fresh flowers. They are handmade wood flowers. The texture is similar to a thin version of balsa wood. Because they are handmade and made from natural materials, no two are exactly alike! Brown veining, occasional small holes from a "knot" in the wood are on the flowers. 


Customer Reviews

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The description of these is spot on! Very much a blend between peonies and roses. They’re so elegant and fun to work with! They didn’t open up as much as I anticipated with dip dying (which is perfectly fine by me!) absolutely love ordering from Oh You’re Lovely and can’t wait for my next order!