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Peony - 2 inch - Set of 12


– Sold Out

Oh my gosh, if there were a prom queen for sola wood flowers (I know, I know, there isn't it) this flower would be it!  Gorgeous layers that dye wonderfully but left in their natural raw cream color is just as pretty!  Too bad these peonies only look like a peony flower and not smell as glorious as a fresh peony.  But this flower will last a heck of a lot longer (like forever, because, they are wood!) 


  • Available 2 inches (5cm)
  • Soft, pliable, and easy to dye.
  • Unique designs in every bouquet.
  • Sold by the dozen

Please note these wood flowers are handmade and there can be a slight difference in size and shape from flower to flower. 

LAST IMAGE:  is to show a range of size of the peonies we currently offer 2 inches up to 5 inches  

Sola flowers are not fresh flowers. They are handmade wood flowers. The texture is similar to a thin version of balsa wood. Because they are handmade and made from natural materials, no two are exactly alike! Brown veining, occasional small holes from a "knot" in the wood are on the flowers.