Sand Diamond Pattern Turkish Lap Blanket

Beautifully crafted in traditional looms, Turkish lap blankets are prized for their softness, durability, and versatile use. This lightweight lap blanket offers quality, comfort, and naturalness that only 100% genuine Turkish cotton can provide. 

Peshtemal is a practical, cost-effective, and eco-friendly material used in Turkey to produce towels, blankets, and other fabric items. Different styles and colors provide insight into which region of Turkey the item was made in. 

Purchase a lap blanket for yourself, a family member, or friend and experience the soft textured organic fabric that’s nature-friendly and sustainable.

Color: Sand
Size: 39” x 74”
Weight: 15 oz.

Super Absorbent
Made with 100% Turkish Cotton (Peshtemal)
Generously Sized & Lightweight
Softens with each wash

Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. For best results, line dry or tumble dry on low heat. Peshtemal requires less water and detergent to wash and dries quickly. Because of its obvious softness, no fabric softener is necessary. 

Note: Be sure to wash your new blanket before use to enjoy extra softness, warmth, and comfort.  

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