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Luxe Succulent™ Assortment (Raw/ Not dyed)


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Wherever you go right now succulents seem to be everywhere!  We can't be the only ones that kill even succulents right?!!?  (if we are alone don't tell us please it will break our black thumbs heart!) Which is why we love making succulents from sola wood flowers!!!  But we know how hard it can be to pick out the best shapes to make a fun assortment of wood succulents, until now!  We have created an assortment of our favorite sola wood flowers that we feel make a great succulent arrangement all you have to do is dye the flowers and have some fun creating!  


  • 20 total sola wood flowers in each assortment
  • sizes ranging from 1-3 inches


Want to learn how to dye sola wood flowers to look like succulents?  Check out the tutorial here!