Luxe Mini Mix™ - 3 dozen sola wood flowers

What can you do with an assortment of mini sola wood flowers?  The questions really should be what can't you do with an assortment of mini sola flowers?!  The mini sola wood flowers are great for filling in those little gaps in bouquets, arrangements, and other floral pieces.  They are great on their own for unique tiny little bouquets or play together so well with all the other sola flowers we have available.  


  • a mix of at least 6 different sola flowers
  • range in size of 1"- 1.75"
  • total of 36 flowers per order


You are guaranteed to get at least 6 different types of mini sola flowers, however, the composition of the mix changes from time to time dependant on what flowers we have in stock. 

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