Oh You’re Lovely may have been founded in 2018, but the seeds of this sola flower business started 30 years ago. That’s when co-founders Stefanie and Maggie went to school together in a  small farm town in Wisconsin.

Over the years, a shared love of all things craft-related (and a desire to elevate the industry to a higher standard) led the two to create Oh You’re Lovely. Despite their cross country locations (Maggie, the warehouse and sola flowers, in North Carolina.  Stefanie working from her home studio in Wisconsin), these two have found a way to make this company become exactly what they had dreamed.

oh you're lovely in the beginning

Look at baby Stefanie and Maggie (this was in 6th grade!)

Stefanie and Maggie recognize that there are a lot of businesses out there selling sola flowers. That’s why these two have worked so hard to build their brand on the following pillars:

To many businesses, customers come and go. Relationships end at the conclusion of a transaction. Not with Oh You’re Lovely. Stefanie and Maggie have established a warm, inviting community of customers who want nothing more than to bring handmade crafts into the world. Whether you’re watching one of Stefanie’s many weekly tutorials, or messaging Maggie to pick her brain for shipping advice, you can rest assured you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Oh You’re Lovely keeps a close, critical eye on their flowers to ensure only the highest quality pieces are being shipped out from their North Carolina warehouse. If you purchase with Maggie and Stefanie, you can rest assured you’re buying some of the finest sola wood flowers available. 

Oh You’re Lovely wants to make sure your search for the perfect flower is an easy one. That’s why they work so hard to keep a large selection of flowers, fillers and craft items in stock. In fact, OYL has the largest selection of wood flowers in the United States! These flowers include several that they have designed from scratch and worked with their manufacturers to perfect. Maggie and Stefanie continue to research the latest in flowers, craft trends, greenery and fillers to ensure that they are adding items to their inventory that will be most helpful to you, the customer.

To learn more about Maggie and Stefanie, keep reading. Otherwise, what are you waiting for? Let’s get crafting!


Stefanie Owner of Oh You're Lovely

About Stefanie

The “face” of Oh You’re Lovely. Stefanie a media-trained craft enthusiast loves on-camera community building almost as much as she loves her collection of glasses (18 pairs and counting!). Her warmth, charisma, and presentation skills help keep the Oh You’re Lovely community strong.

Oh You're Lovely Owner Maggie

About Maggie

A business is only as good as its day-to-day operations. And that’s where Maggie – who manages the process from obtaining the products you want to the warehouse where they are held to shipping them to your door – shines. Her organization and dedication to making sure what you want is what you get helps to ensure that you’ll keep coming back to Oh You’re Lovely project after project. 

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