Hey there, I’m Stefanie Lin!  

Most days you can find me chasing down my five kids,

listening to a crazy amount of podcasts, and always thinking up new home decor

to make for this "6th baby" of mine: Oh! You're Lovely.   


I love serving the world by:  

Helping others share their story by simply the decorations they have in their home. 


I am lucky to create and curate products that show:

-Where people call home.

-Where they fell in love.

-Someone's desire to have anyone step into their home

and know exactly who they are,

what  they love, are passionate about, and make them happy.


I am mostly known for: 

-My positive attitude.

-My loud laugh.

-My love of flowers even though I have a "brown thumb" (its getting better I didn't kill all my flowers in my garden last year!) 


I’ve been honored to work with:  

Gracefully Wed Workshop                                                                                     

Brava Magazine April 2017 edition

Darling Wedding Workshop


Southern Weddings  









 (working on a piece while my youngest naps)

 If you’re dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me.

1. In 2017 I decided to learn how to play the ukulele.  Best decision ever; you can't be sad playing the ukulele its impossible!  
2. If I didn't get sideways glances, I would wear tulle skirts everyday. 
3. I have fresh flowers in my house as much as possible.
4. I hate wearing shoes and will be barefoot almost always (not ideal in Wisconsin winters!). 
5. I am obsessed with glasses and keep adding retro throwback styles as often as I can.

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 (Some of my signs in their "natural habitat")