Shopping Guide

We have a growing list of favorite tools, craft supplies, and random items we love to share.  The list is getting a little long so we thought it was best to link them all right here for you!  Check out our amazon store here:

Tried and True Supplies

Airbrush:  and

Rice Glue:



Bind Wire:

Vinyl Tape:

Golden High Flow:

Airbrush Medium:

Airbrush cleaner:

Floral Mesh:


Supplies we tested out during lives

Temporary Tattoos:  and

Holi Powder:

Watercolor Pens:

Design Master Sealant (helps with keeping flowers curled)

Twinkle Lights:

Silver foil paint

Silicone Snap Bracelets (for corsages)

Mascarade Masks: 


Raffia Fans:


Random Other Items We Love

Halloween FB Live Skull flower pot

Winter mittens for an alternative wreath:

Stefanie's Pink Cart:


**If the listing is for an amazon link this is an affiliate link.  It costs you nothing but OYL will get a small percentage from the sale if you decide to purchase.  Thank you!