January 07, 2021

How to Make a Bouquet!

Congratulations on your engagement! Wedding planning is so exciting and we are so happy to have you here!

To help you navigate through your florals, we have created a catalog of all of our how-to videos and blogs. If there is something you have a question about or can’t find, shoot us an email at communications@ohyourelovely.com and we will point you in the right direction!

Where to Start?!

Here are some resources that will help you to kick off your sola wood flower crafty learning journey!

Everything You Need to Know About Sola Wood FlowersFrom how the flowers are made to how to dye/stem/shape flowers to the basic tools you need to get started...if there is one blog we recommend reading first, this is it!

How Far in Advance Can I Make My Sola Wedding Flowers? Here you will find answers to many of your flower prep questions!

How Many Flowers Do I Need For My Wedding? Looking for estimates on how many sola wood flowers you need for the most common wedding florals? This is the blog for you! Want to take even more guesswork out of your bouquets and boutonnieres? Take a look at our Bridal DIY kits here!

Basic Tools Needed to Make a Sola Flower Bouquet or ArrangementThis is a great list of everything you will need to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements for your beautiful day!

Quick Tips Before We Jump In!

Full Guide on How to Dye Sola Wood Flowers:

This page gives you step-by-step instructions on many different wood flower dyeing techniques and methods!

How to Stem Your Flowers:

One of the beginning steps in order to build your bouquets! This tutorial will help you get your flowers ready to be added to the bouquet of your dreams.

Greenery Tips - How to Stem Individual Pieces:

To get the most out of your greenery and filler, sometimes you will want to individually stem up pieces. In this blog, we show you how to do that with different types of connection points!

Let’s Make a Bouquet!

All About Bouquet Styles:

There are so many bouquet types to choose from for your big day! This blog walks you through several video tutorials based on the styles you want.

Photo credit: Madralynn Haye Photography

Bridal Bouquet Kit:

If you ordered one of our Bridal Bouquet Kits, this is the video for you! Follow along as we show you how to put this bouquet together from start to finish.

Bridesmaid Bouquet Kit:

Here is a great video tutorial of how to build a bouquet with our bridesmaid bouquet kit! Bonus - your ladies can watch and help build their own to take some of the DIY off your plate!

Bouquet Hack:

This is one of our absolute favorite ways to create a bouquet. Creating small bundles of flowers and greenery/filler can lead to some amazing results!

An Autumn Inspired Bouquet

All the colors, all the texture, all the instructions and all the theory behind our selections!