March 04, 2020

How many sola wood flowers do you need for a wedding?

You are getting married, yay!  And you just discovered sola flowers and want to use them for your wedding, double yay!  But now the nerves have set in and overwhelmed is creeping around the corner and you think, "now what?!".  Have no fear!  We here at Oh You're Lovely (where we carry the largest selection of sola wood flowers in the USA and are absolutely obsessed with them) are ready to hold your hand and get you through all your planning, dyeing, nerves, and teach you how to make beautiful pieces all on your own for your big day! 

So the first thing we need to figure out is how many flowers do you need?  There isn't a true science to this as everyone may want more or fewer flowers for their pieces so we will just give you some average numbers:

Bridal Bouquet:

30-50 flowers primarily in the 2-2.5" size range with a sprinkling of 1.5" and 3" flowers

Bridesmaid Bouquet:

20-30 flowers primarily in 2-2.5" flowers with a sprinkling of 1.5" sola wood flowers.

Grooms Boutonniere:

1- 2.5" flower and 1-2, 1.5" sola wood flowers

Groomsmen Boutonniere:

1- 2.5" sola flower 

Wrist Corsage:

1- 2.5" sola wood flower, 3-4 1-1.5" sola wood flowers


20 sola wood flowers primarily in the 2-2.5" size and sprinkling of 3" and 1.5"

Arch Swag:

7-15 sola wood flowers in the 2"-3" size per foot depending on how flower heavy you want your swag

Floral Crown:

8-10 sola flowers in 1.5-2.5" if you want a full flower band, 3-5 sola flowers if you want just a statement side floral

Here is a Q+A we recently did (click on the image below to take you to the video) that will answer some of the more common questions as you start working on your wedding flowers, including picking your color story! There are some visuals on why we give a range of the number of wood flowers you will need for those of us who need to see the concept in action. We also chat about a very important and sometimes overwhelming element in the conversation...greenery!

sola wood flower common questions


See you next week where we start to prep for a sola wood flower wedding (get the paint, get some glue, and your wire stems and we will get things started!)