December 12, 2019

All about bouquets- video tutorials on all different styles

There are so many different style shapes of bouquets that it can be a bit overwhelming!  Here is a quick breakdown of the different bouquet shapes that are seen at many weddings and BONUS we have video tutorials for all of them.  Most of these videos are sped up in the middle of the making to help inspire you to try your own. We do also have many facebook live tutorials that are made in realtime.  (You can find all of our facebook videos here

For all of these tutorials click on the pictures and it will take you to the tutorial!

A quick semi-wild bouquet:  This bouquet style is great to get your feet wet in making bouquets and we think makes a great bridal party size bouquet. 

simple sola wood flower bouquet


The classic round bouquet:  This is a fun traditional style.  In this video, we also show an easy way to cover the wire stems with a surprising material.  

Classic Round Bouquet Tutorial


A wild and/or boho style bouquet:  This style has been an upcoming and coming style these last few years and we love it.  In this tutorial, we also show you another way to build a bouquet using an egg wire cage. 

Oh Youre Lovely Sola Flowers

How to make a wild bouquet


And a second wild bouquet using winter greens (this is a facebook live and is a pretty massive but gorgeous greenery base) 

wild winter bouquet

Asymmetrical bouquet:  A fun outside of the box more modern bouquet that we created on facebook live.  

modern wedding bouquet tutorial


Cascade - quick/hack:  Cascade bouquets sometimes seems to intimidate people so I came up with a quick cascade bouquet where the greenery has pretty much all been done for you!  


Cascade- traditional:  This tutorial has been one of our most viewed facebook lives and it features a guest host Maggie of From Maggie with Love and to see the final project in a beautiful photoshoot make sure to check out her website (it’s under the wedding tab).  This is a two-part series. The first video is creating the base of the cascade Maggie gives great tips on how to build up that massive greenery base cascade bouquets are known for.  The second video is adding all the flowers to complete the bouquet.

And there you have it!  All sorts of bouquet styles.  Did we miss one you would love to see a tutorial on?  What is your favorite style bouquet?