May 30, 2018

Basic tools needed to make a great sola wood flower arrangement

Sola Wood Flower tools

Here's a list of the top tools I use on a regular basis while creating sola wood flower arrangements:


1) Craft Paint 

Yes you can dye your sola wood flower for around $0.50 a bottle and that little bottle will go a LONG way.  I cant help but grab a few new colors to play with every time I stop at a craft store.  Now you can use lots of other types of paint to dye these flowers but the easiest to get started with is absolutely acrylic craft paint! 

2) Clippers

Here is the link to the ones I use.  I have used these for over 6 months and haven't worn them out yet!  I use these to cut mainly my floral wire for stemming the wood flowers. 

3) Floral Wire

I typically like to use an 18 gauge floral stem wire for vase arrangements as well as bouquets.  The higher the gauge the more flexible the wire is.  I suggest playing with a few different gauges and find your favorite. 

4) Floral Foam

You can get this at pretty much any craft store I prefer to use for my vase arrangements to hold the wires in place. (To cover the floral foam you can use things like paper, moss, or not cover it all depending on the arrangement) 

5) Hot Glue Gun

I use a power Ryobi hot glue gun link found here.  However, you do not need to use a power glue gun any low or high temp glue gun will work just fine for your sola wood crafting projects.  You will use the hot glue gun for stemming the flowers as well as using it to glue the flowers onto all sorts of home decor projects you come up with!  ( I do truly love this glue gun so much so though that over on Facebook during my crafty live videos we named the glue gun one time, his name is Vikram) 

6) Silicone mat

Now this supply isn't 100% necessary but, it is one of the handiest tools while hot gluing flowers and other various projects.  The silicone mat is great at catching the hot glue. Once completely cooled off you can peel the glue right off the mat and throw it away easy-peasy no mess!

7) Floral Tape (not pictured)

I primarily use this as a way to hold my stems together while making floral hand tied bouquet.