January 25, 2021

A Romantic Photoshoot at Main Street Station

Things we love: A historical train station. A vintage style dress. A timeless bouquet. A bold red lip. Pretty much everything this photo shoot was all about!

When Maggie Cullen, a long-time wholesale customer of ours and owner of From Maggie, With Love approached us about the idea of putting together a shoot in Richmond, VA, we were very, very interested. Then when she showed us pictures of Main Street Station, we were in.

For all our brides, we jumped at this opportunity to show you just how your flowers can look during your big day! There is often a question when you hear about sola wood flowers of “how will these look?” If you have ever considered wood flowers, we are here to assure you they can be perfect for your wedding day!

Here’s why we love it

One of our favorite aspects of this photoshoot is the simplicity of it. The focus is on the couple, the flowers and the venue. We have seen a rising trend in elopements and micro weddings and love that your special day can be captured in the smallest of moments (with the perfect flowers)! 

We’ll let some of the photos speak for themselves right now! **Swoon**

Here’s why wood flowers are perfect for a shoot or your wedding:

You can choose flowers that may be out of season in nature. Peonies are a favorite for many people but they are only in season for a few months a year. You are able to replicate the delicate nature of peonies (or most other flowers) by painting our wood flower version and use them at any time! 

They are lightweight. Just because they’re “wood” flowers doesn’t mean they’re made of a deep, heavy mahogany! These flowers are lightweight, soft, and paper-like (but they’re still plenty durable). With flowers this light, you can skip those bicep workouts before your big day. Unless you want extra distance on your bouquet toss!

You can keep them forever without extra steps. Having a small ceremony now and a large reception months or even years after you officially tie the knot? Your wood flower bouquets, boutonnieres and all other wedding arrangements can be used now or safely put in storage (in a dry environment) and used when they are needed again. Want a keepsake from your big day? We have seen brides pop their bouquets in a cute vase as a centerpiece in their home or completely repurposed their sola wood flowers into other types of home decor like wreaths or shadow boxes! 

They are fully customizable. You can control everything from the color story to the overall vibe. In this shoot, we went for a more classic, romantic mood. Soft pink and raw flowers, blue-toned greenery (both faux and preserved) and a hint of preserved baby’s breath in an extra large forward facing bouquet shape brought the look together. 

Since the flowers are a cream color when you receive them, you can choose virtually any color palette you would like with just a bit of paint and water. And had we wanted to rework the vibe of this shoot from traditional to boho, we could have used the same flowers but changed out the greenery to dried and/or bleached fillers!

Here’s how you can do it yourself:

Want to get this specific look? The moment you have been waiting for, the bouquet recipe!



Interested but want to see how easy they are to put together before jumping in? Check out our wedding series over on our
YouTube channel!

Ready to get started on your wedding flowers? Take a look at our selection of flowers and greenery/filler!

Flowers purchased and need some extra tips or refreshers? Our Facebook group is a great place to chat with folks who have been working with sola for years or other beginners like yourself! 

Special thanks to the amazing team that pulled this shoot together!

Host/Design: From Maggie, With Love
Flowers: Oh You're Lovely
Venue: Main Street Station
Hair: Something Blue Bridal Hair
MUA: Made by Deja MUA
Photographer: Kajed Photo & Film