February 21, 2023

How to Create a Basket Wreath!

Looking for a wreath or wall decor item to stand out from the traditional ones? Here we are taking a basket to create a beautiful, and very unique piece!

Find a Basket. And Then Cut It in Half!

First, you will want to find a basket to hold your greenery and florals for this fresh take on a wreath. You can use any size or style for this (or even a broken basket!) but please note, you will be cutting it in half in the next step.

To cut the basket in half, you can use wire clippers (I used the same ones I cut floral and greenery wire stems with) or a regular handheld saw. You want to keep the basket handle on the side of the basket you will be using for the actual wreath.

Grab Some Poster Board!

You will want to add a backing to the half-basket you created. For this part, I placed the open end of the basket onto a piece of poster board to trace it. When cutting the poster board, err on the side of the poster board cut out being a little bigger. That way you can trim it down if needed for a snug fit.

Once the poster board cut out is ready, use hot glue to secure it to the basket. No need to try and glue the entire piece down - for this, I glued in around 5 spots as connection points.

Here is what the back of the wreath looks like after the poster board is in place!

Add Craft Foam!

No need to glue the craft foam down into the basket! Most baskets are woven so trying to glue the foam down can be tricky. By keeping the foam loose in the basket, you can now switch out your florals for every season :).

Choose Your Greenery!

For this project, I used the following greenery stems:

Add Your Greenery!

I really wanted to embrace a whimsical, garden feel and for that, the handing greenery was perfect. I cut it into two pieces (with different lengths) to create an asymmetrical vibe. The other greenery stem I cut into several pieces and added it to the center section of the basket.

Choose Your Flowers!

The assortment of flowers I used for this project were from our February 2023 monthly dyed assortment subscription! (And one of our favorite color stories to create).

You can use any of our dyed assortments or create your own color combinations with any of our undyed flowers!

Add Your Flowers!

You'll see in the following set of pictures exactly how I added the flowers to the basket.

I started with the largest flowers first and then worked down in sizes. Because I wanted to make sure the flower placement was balanced, I added the same types at the same time and worked in a triangle pattern with those (to ensure the flower style, size and color were incorporated throughout the entire piece).

Close-Up of the Flower Section!

The Finished Piece!

And there you have it! This is a slightly different approach to design, but one that we think is pretty easy to pull together (and customizable for year-round use!) Happy crafting!