March 21, 2023

How to Make a Square Wreath!

Do you love a wreath with a different shape than the traditional round and bright colors? If so, this blog will walk you through how I put this together!

Grab a Chicken Wire Wreath!

We had a limited supply of these 14" wreaths years ago and loved them so much that we went ahead and manufactured them ourselves to ensure we had enough for others to enjoy as well! The outer square is made from grapevine and the center is chicken wire - perfect for a rustic, country and elevated style!

Click here for a link to this wreath form!

Select Your Greenery!

For this wreath, I chose spring eucalyptus and large ruscus leaves. You can choose any types of greenery for this project but I would suggest making sure at least one is a leafy greenery (like the spring eucalyptus) and one is a more textured greenery (large ruscus leaves) for contrast and visual interest!

Add Your Greenery!

For this wreath, everything has been added using hot glue. With the greenery though, I did weave the stems in and out of the chicken wire for additional support and glued sections where the greenery was touching the chicken wire!

You will want a silicone mat for under the wreath while you are gluing to protect your table surface from any glue that runs off.

Add Your Flowers!

I started with these yellow Diegos as they were the largest flowers in the mix I was using.

Next to be added is the peachy-orange Charleston. Since there was only one of these, I added it near the top corner of the greenery as a focal flower.

These muted pink Helens were perfect to start bringing the colors together!

Next up were the light colored dahlias. When adding flowers, keep in mind that using odd numbers of them is the most visually intriguing. For arrangements, I try to keep them in triangle formations but that can be a bit more challenging with only two sides of the wreath being utilized. The important thing here is to make sure the different styles and colors of flowers are balanced throughout the full section you are adding them to.

As the amount of gaps in your piece start to get smaller (and the gaps themselves get smaller), you can add multiple flower types/colors like I did here. The minty green gardenias and bright pink Miss Ivy's really start to bring in a very spring-time feel!

For a final pop of color and to really tie everything together, I added these bright green, almost lime colored Dolly's!

Close-Up View!

The Final Look!

And there you have it! A beautiful, non-traditional, spring-from-the-garden wreath that shows you are ready for warmer weather!


To see a video of me putting this wreath together, click on the video below!