June 19, 2023

Night in Vegas Centerpieces!

When you want to create arrangements based on a theme, that is the time when you can go "all in" like these Vegas-inspired centerpieces! Oh You're Lovely's co-owner, Maggie #1 had the occasion to help out her daughter's school this year with their prom centerpieces and here is how she made them happen!

Open Up the Box!

These dice boxes were the perfect container for our Night in Vegas prom theme! At 7"x7"x7", they are large enough to make a statement centerpiece but also allow for room for everything else that would be on the table.

The boxes do come flat/unassembled so to help make them sturdy, you can use hot glue on any seams. To create the opening, glue any flaps down to the inside of the box (as pictured above).

Add Foam!

To secure the flowers and extras in the dice box, we used foam. You'll want to cut the foam down to size and glue the bottom foam bricks to the bottom inside of the container. The boxes were large enough that it took 4 foam blocks to fill it!

Stem the Add-Ons!

This set and this set of decorative add-ons came with bamboo stems to attach to them.

This set did not but it was easy enough to put some glue on the back on the decoration and drop a floral wire stem in the glue to hold it in place! If you are worried about seeing the glue spot, you can always put a flower just behind that part when arranging the centerpieces and no one will be the wiser :)

What we ended up doing with these was actually gluing the same add-on piece to the back so it looked like it was double sided.

Dye Your Flowers!

The color story for this Vegas prom was red, black and gold. The flowers we used for this project were American Beauties and Poppies as they not only dip dye very well, they are very easy to embellish!

In the above picture, we dip dyed the American beauty in red and after it had dried, we use a paint brush dipped in gold paint to give the edges that pop of metallic color.

Add Special Details!

Poppies have a fantastic center for extra bling! Here, we added a light layer of glue to the center and sprinkled on some ultra fine glitter in black or red (depending on the flower color).

Once the glue is dry, you will want to really shake off the excess glitter and may even want to use a dry paint brush to ensure any loose glitter has been removed.

Stem the Flowers!

Once the flowers were completely finished, we glued them onto wire stems.

With a ton of different flower color combinations, there were a LOT of flowers.

And to brighten the arrangements up (and to make sure the deep reds and black flowers stood out), we also stemmed up some undyed flowers to add!

Add Flowers and Extras to the Boxes!

Once you have all the boxes, flowers and add-ons all prepped, it is time to start putting everything together! For this event, we wanted to be sure at least one of every flower color/style was in each container. We started by adding those and then filling in with additional flowers as needed.

And there you have it! A theme-inspired, super easy centerpiece idea that would work for a bunch of different events!


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