August 01, 2023

How to Use a Floral Bottle Clip!

It's not every day that I see a product and immediately know it is a game changer. But recently, when I came across this bottle clip, it was love at first sight!

At Oh You're Lovely, we love to put a flower on it ("it" being pretty much anything!) and now we can with ease. From wedding centerpieces to your hutch to sprucing up a bottle of wine as a gift for a friend...I think you're going to fall in love too :)

Read below for one idea on how to use the bottle clip!

Spray Paint the Bottle Clip!

Since I will be using the bottle clip on a gold glass bottle, I spray painted the clip to match! You can do this in any color to either conceal the clip itself or even to highlight it (especially if you want to add one of your event colors as an accent).

Slide it on the Bottle!

Once the spray paint is dry, slip the clip over the top of the bottle and slide it on down to where you want it to sit on the bottle. I chose right above the decorative embellishments at the bottom of the bottle.

Add a Piece of Craft Foam!

I used a serrated knife to cut down the dry floral craft foam to just a small cube that would fit inside the bottle clip tray. You can glue it down into the tray but I actually left it loose so it could be changed out for different occasions or themes!

Select Your Greenery!

For this project, I wanted to keep the color story simple and elegant so I went with sage greenery (top), flocked large ruscus leaves (middle) and 14" Italian ruscus (bottom). You can use any greenery you would like but for the most interest in your finished piece, I would recommend 3-5 different kinds in varying colors and textures!

Start Adding Your Greenery!

To start, cut down your greenery stems into different lengths. I wanted to bring some height to the arrangement but also to make sure the bottom was full as well so I cut a tall, medium and short greenery flocked large ruscus leaves stem. I placed the tallest flush with the bottle, the medium more central and the shortest facing towards me.

This will be a 360 degree arrangement but for now, you'll only need to focus on the front half of the bottle. We will get to the back later!

Using the same process, add your Italian ruscus!

And finally, the sage greenery!

Repeat in the Back!

Once the front looks the way you want it to, spin the bottle so you can now see the back. Repeat the same process for the front but here on the empty space in the back.

Add Any Extra Greenery Pieces!

I wanted to fill the piece out a bit more and added a few extra greenery stems in the middle and bottom of the arrangement.

Choose Your Flowers!

Sola branches are one of my favorite sola wood flowers! They have a bendable stem and can add so much movement to any faux flower arrangement. I kept these in their natural, cream coloring because I love how that plays off of soft sage-y greens and gold.

Add Your Flowers!

The sola branches are a bit long for the bottle clip centerpiece (but could be amazing as-is if you have a super tall bottle!). For this centerpiece, I cut them each into 2-4 parts so there are varying heights in the flowers as well as the greenery.

And there you have it! This project took a total of 15 minutes (not including waiting for the spray paint to dry, of course) from start to finish and it looks like we put a ton of effort into it!