December 06, 2022

Gnome Gift Container

It's not often that the packaging a gift comes in can outshine the gift itself but this gnome gift box may do just that! Read on to see how I created this adorable gnome gift box with very simple steps.

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used for this project:

  • Gift box/tube from the dollar store (a wine bottle gift holder would also work well!)
  • Stocking from the dollar store (I chose this one so I could use the fur for the beard and the fabric for the hat)
  • Half wood bead
  • Holiday magnolia mix
  • #6 cone
  • Hot glue
  • Ribbon (this was found inside the stocking)
  • Luxe mini flowers

Separate the Stocking!

Since I wanted to use the faux fur stocking cap for the gnome's beard, the first step was to separate those parts. I used a scissor to separate the seams but a seam ripper would also work well for this!

Undo ALL the seams!

I also cut apart the seams on the full stocking so that I was left with a piece of fabric to wrap around the foam cone.

Cover the Cone!

Using hot glue to keep it in place, wrap the fabric from the stocking base around the #6 cone. This will become the gnome's hat!

Add the Hat to the Gift Box Top!

Glue the hat directly to the top of the gift box cover piece.

Add Some Fringe!

I found a ribbon loop inside the stocking, cut it out and used it to tie up the top of the hat. When that was done, I wanted to add a little fringe so I cut thin strips above the ribbon.

Create the Beard!

On the back of the faux fur fabric, I freehand drew an outline of a beard shape and then cut the piece out. Once you have the shape you like, glue it to the base part of the gift box/tube.

To make the hat look like it also has fur, cut a thin strip and glue it where the hat meets the top of the gift box!

Add His Nose!

This half wood bead is perfect for the nose and I just glued it directly onto the gift box top.

Add Greenery and Flowers!

The gnome could be done before this step but I always love to add a little extra holiday cheer with greenery and sola wood flowers! I started by adding a sprig of greenery, then berries and 3 luxe minis as the finishing touch.

Now you are ready to place your gift inside the container...

...and close it up and give to a friend or loved one! (Or you could be like me and use the gnomes as home decor :) ).

Happy crafting and happy holidays!


If you want to watch a gnome gift box being made, click the video below for a Facebook live video: