November 22, 2022

Last Minute Fall Centerpiece Idea!

Heading to a Thanksgiving dinner this week or hosting one at your house? If you are in need of a gift or a statement centerpiece, this tutorial highlights a gorgeous piece that you can pull together in under 20 minutes!

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used:

Cut a Hole in the Pumpkin and Add Chicken Wire!

Using a sharp pair of scissors or an exacto knife, carefully cut a hole into your pumpkin. Once that is done, insert a ball of chicken wire into the center. This will help to stabilize your greenery and flower stems as you add them!

Add Greenery!

Add one type of greenery at a time to ensure it is spread evenly throughout your arrangement. I started with my tallest stems (bleached ruscus and pampas grass), then my widest stems (palm spears) and finished with the dainty bunny tails which add such great movement to the overall design.

Add Your Flowers!

Now that the greenery is in place, it is time to add your flowers! One of the great things about using sola wood flowers with bark on them is the texture and added color they bring.
Since this is a forward facing piece, I angled the floral wire 90 degrees so the full head of the flower would be facing out. I also varied the stem lengths so they would be staggered in height.

20 Minutes Later...

And there you have it! From start to finish, this project took me just under 20 minutes and is a quick and easy way to bring some fall decor to your table.