June 28, 2019

A year in, what has all happen at Oh You're Lovely (OYL), a recap

Goodness!  Maggie and I (Stefanie) have recently celebrated our first year of business since our soft launch.  Wow so much has happen in just a year so let's recap shall we?


  • We have imported over 3 million sola wood flowers

Sola wood flowers our third container

(funny story that is our container that we followed by chance on the way to the warehouse!)



  • We started with one office space that morphed into three spaces at that rehabbed cotton mill to a few weeks ago moved into a 12,000 sq foot warehouse/office

one of our first spaces before the shipment arrived


the after pretty much all three spaces was just boxes upon boxes upon boxes

our new warehouse/office

starting to set up


getting there and filling up the space already fairly quickly



  • We have filmed almost 200 facebook lives (totaling over 90 hours of tutorials)



  • We have shipped over 7,500 orders (that's a lot of boxes and flowers!)

we have now had those fun milestones like filling up multiple postal trucks in one pick-up! 



  • We made it into the top 100 of the FedEx small business grant this year (out of 13,000 applicants) 



  • Stefanie built a new studio space at her home

Before the space was fully filled in


  • We have added preserved filler, faux filler, craft supplies and keep hunting for new items to offer our customers



  • We started a facebook group and have almost 2000 members 

Our group is Put a Flower on it..... you can join it here!


  • We have hired our first full time employee (besides ourselves), 3 part time employees and a few contracted employees

Meet Amy!


  • We started a YouTube channel

check out here channel here 


  • Created a wholesale website

to apply for an account for the trade here


  • We have created such wonderful relationships with our customers who many now we consider to be friends 

a live tutorial we recently did with a customer's picture she sent us 


Now to get just a bit sappy.  While the growth of the business has been thrilling and we are very proud of what we are building in the craft supply world,  what we really are the happiest by and overwhelmed with is the friendships and community we have been honored to be involved in.  The loveliest ladies (and a few gents) we have gotten to celebrate with on their own business wins, life events, and just everyday chats has been the most fulling part of this entire experience thus far.    This last year flew in a blink and we are so excited to see what this next year has in store for us and for all of you!