December 14, 2021

All About Winter Flowers!

When it comes to winter flowers, poinsettia is probably going to be what pops into your mind first! In this blog, we are going to walk through a few different ways to create/paint these classic holiday beauties and we will also think outside of the traditional holiday color schemes and styles (because remember, winter isn't only during December!).


OYL Flower: Poinsettia

Painting Technique: Dip Dye and Hand Paint.

  • Use the dip dye method to get your flower fully covered in your red paint (for this flower, we used craft smart "Holiday Red"). Once the flower is mostly or fully dry, use a paintbrush to apply gold or yellow paint to the center (we used craft smart "Light Gold").

Moonsettia (Mystic Moon morphed into an XL Poinsettia!)

OYL Flower: Mystic Moon

Flower Morphing Technique: Sometimes the flower you want to replicate takes a little bit of extra craftiness. The mystic moon has the perfect size and shape to create an XL poinsettia but the petals are too round. To create the right petal shape, first wet them (I used a spray bottle of water) and then trim a point on the edge of the petals with a small scissor (haircutting scissors worked really well for this!).

Painting Technique: Dip Dye Method and Spray Paint. 

  • Use the dip dye method to get your flower fully covered in your red paint (for this flower, we used craft smart "Holiday Red"). Because the mystic moon is a larger flower, I did use a paint brush to get into any crevices or edges that needed extra paint for a full coverage look.
  • The mystic moon has longer pieces in the center which can be somewhat of a pain to paint with a paint brush (totally doable though!). For this flower, I wanted to try spritzing the center with gold from a spray paint can. It was a slight fail initially because I sprayed the inside of a petal first but after correcting that and applying the paint to all of the petals, I am really enjoying the different effect!

OYL Flower: Mystic Moon

Painting Technique: Hand Painting. 

  • This technique takes some time and a pretty steady hand. Dip the paint brush directly into your paint and line the edges with it. You may have to go over each petal more than once to get an even lining of gold (or whatever color you choose to use). When the edges are complete, dab your brush in more paint and cover the center. 

Bark Sola Wood Flowers

Bark flowers are an amazing option for winter arrangements as they can be transformed into the red/green/gold/silver traditional holiday color palette or be used as-is for decor that can be out all season long! Our bark sola flower assortment and barkie smalls assortment are the perfect introduction to some of our favorite bark flowers. Styles may change with each assortment but that classic, timeless, neutral winter look will always be included!

When keeping the flowers in their natural state, I like to bring in color with other seasonal items like dried oranges, burgundy berries or leaves, brunia (which is a soft gray) and evergreens. 

One of the things I love most about the bark sola wood flowers is that you can get great dimension in your flowers just by dip dyeing them! The bark tends to repel most of the paint/water/glycerin mixture and comes through on your dyed flowers. All of the flowers above were dip dyed in craft smart "Holiday Red" and then I added some craft smart "Light Gold" accents on the petal edges, flower centers or both using just paint and a paint brush!

Another thing I love about bark flowers is that they are very sturdy flowers! This means you can use spray paint to get a metallic shine (as pictured above) without having to worry as much about petals cracking or breaking. 

The Full Collection

For holiday arrangements, poinsettias are a must! And you can dye your other flowers in a similar color scheme for a cohesive look. For an all-winter-long look, using cream and bark flowers is timeless (not to mention, saves you a ton of time dyeing flowers!). 

There are also countless color combinations that can be used for winter pieces that you can play with. Let us know in the comments what your favorite winter color palette is!