October 02, 2020

Autumn Inspired Truck - Two Ways!

I love a good, old fashioned metal truck and have them in all different sizes and colors. They are amazing as is but given my penchant for adding flowers to...everything, I wanted to show you two quick ways to add a little seasonal flair to your favorite trucks!


Sidenote - if you find a way to do this with a full sized pick-up or farm truck, please share with us on facebook or in our group page!

Grab a Truck with an Open Bed!

This particular truck was a sale item I found at Target but you can find trucks at many stores! There was even a highly sought after one at Family Dollar this past spring (it was teal! See how we decorated that truck in this video tutorial ). With the techniques I will be using for the two versions of our autumn inspired truck decor, nothing will be glued or permanently attached to the truck which means you can even use a real vintage piece if you have one!

5 Minute Pumpkin Version!

This is a super simple way to give your truck an autumn twist! All you need is one greenery/filler bundle and a box of small pumpkins.

I chose a filler that had a mix of different styles of eucalyptus in browns/oranges/yellows and you can find it here. Having a variety of leaf sizes and shapes really brings interest to your piece!

To start, cut your filler into smaller pieces. Next, add them to the bottom of the truck bed, almost like you are building a comfy blanket for the pumpkins to rest on!

5 Minutes Later!

The final step of this quick project is to layer in your mini pumpkins! Here are links to the mini orange pumpkins and the mini cream pumpkins.

So with a truck, a filler bunch, some mini pumpkins and 5 minutes...you have a really cute fall decor truck for your home

Floral Version!

This version takes a bit more time but is still very easy to pull together!

For it, you will need:

  • Craft foam
  • Greenery and filler (I used faux willow, clover, eucalyptus and dried orange/yellow sesame bloom. Please note - the orange/yellow sesame bloom was included in our Celebrate the Seasons Box - Fall Edition but this version would work perfectly too!)
  • Sola wood flowers from Oh You're Lovely

Dye Your Flowers!

To start, it is time to dye your wood flowers! For this piece, I used Artie, Clara, Harvest Rose, Hazel, and Shasta. Dip dyeing your flowers is the easiest way to go but you can also make some special layering effects if you decide to handpaint or airbrush the flowers! If you are just starting with sola wood flowers or need a refresher on painting techniques, check out: Dip Dyeing Method and Hand Painting 101.

Once they are dry, use a dab of hot glue to attach them to floral wire. I prefer 18 gauge but 20 gauge will also do the trick.

Build A Greenery Base!

Next, cut your craft foam to size so it fits in the bed of the truck. Since we won't be gluing the foam down, you'll be able to pop the whole thing out once it is time for a new season!

I cut my faux fillers into smaller sprigs and then just started placing them into the craft foam! I wanted to make sure they were evenly dispersed and covered the foam at the bottom.

Pro tip - if you want to use the greenery more sparingly but still ensure none of the foam is poking through, add spanish moss to the top of your foam before you start adding the greenery!

Add Your Flowers!

This is my favorite part! Flower time!

When adding flowers into an arrangement, I normally start by placing the largest flower I am using first. You will need to cut the wires down a bit so the flowers can snuggle into the greenery base you created.

After the flowers are in place, add in any dried filler you want to use. These tend to be delicate and sometimes brittle so adding them in last just means there is less chance of them breaking.

And there you have it! Two cute ways to bring your truck into the fall season

Of course, I have to ask - which would you choose for your home - pumpkins or flowers?!