June 28, 2022

Bouquet Base Hack!

Building a bouquet can be a daunting task. You have your sola wood flowers all dyed, your favorite greenery picked out and you are ready to get started.

That's when it hits - what do I do first?!

We've shown you in the past how to build a bouquet after creating mini bundles of greenery and flowers (you can find the blog here) but here is another hack - use one greenery bunch as your bouquet base!

Choose Your Main Greenery Bunch for the Base!

The most important part of this hack is to choose a greenery bundle that has a lot of texture and variety. For the bouquet I created to showcase this method, I wanted it to have a tropical vibe. This fern and eucalyptus mix is the perfect base because of its yellow undertones and blend of ferns, multiple types of eucalyptus and twig-like pieces.

One thing to note - a lot of tropical greenery is big, leafy and very flat. Because of this, I chose to create a flat-backed bouquet (also known as a front-facing bouquet by many) which, as you can see, easily can be laid on its back. You can easily use this hack for any 360 degree bouquet (all sides can/will be seen) but you will want to ensure you have fluffed the greenery base out to allow for that full shape.

Prep Your Flowers!

The flowers that I used for this bouquet were all in my stash from various Oh You're Lovely seasonal crates, subscription box dyed sets and others that I created for different blogs! With a tropical theme, there is more of a focus on warm, bright colors and asymmetry than in other styles so you are able to pull together flowers in a somewhat more chaotic way. Ie - your focus is on balance but you can use many different flower styles and shades of similar colors.

Add Your Flowers!

Add your flowers into the greenery base starting with your largest flowers and continuing to add medium to small flowers. As mentioned above, tropical arrangements tend to have a more asymmetrical approach so below is the order in which I added flowers to this bouquet.

Top Left Picture: Hawaiian Ginger is an amazing flower and this set of 3 dyed in an almost ombre effect (red to orange to yellow) was something I wanted to keep together within the bouquet as almost a focal point. I added them in varying heights but kept them all in the general top left location.

Top Right Picture: Next I added in my light orange Charlestons. These were the only flowers in a yellow-orange color so I wanted to ensure they were spread throughout the entire bouquet.

Bottom Left Picture: I only had two peace lilies that I had painted to look like anthuriums. Normally, I like to use an odd number of flowers (the eye is naturally more intrigued by odd numbers) but I placed them in the top and bottom right so they could stand on their own.

Bottom Right Picture: Last, I added in all of the lighter, warm toned pink flowers to fill in any spaces that I thought needed flowers.

Add Any Extra Greenery!

This is the part where you can go as big and beautiful as you want with your bouquet! I wanted to keep this bouquet very simple so I only used this summer eucalyptus lime greenery to extend the overall shape of the bouquet (the top left and bottom right as you can see in the picture below). In addition, tropical bouquets thrive on intentional spacing so you don't need to completely fill in every single gap you see.

That said, now is the time you can add things like monstera leaves and large palms behind the entire bouquet. Or you can add in a variety of fillers in between the flowers. If you do add a lot of greenery to the sides, you may want to also add in some flowers so it doesn't look like you just added a whole bunch of greenery unintentionally!

Almost Done!

Once you have your bouquet all set, it is time to wrap the handle! Here is a blog with a few different ideas on how you can do this.

I chose to add a few leftover greenery stems (from the summer eucalyptus lime greenery) and a gold, somewhat shimmery ribbon.

The Finished Bouquet!

And here's the finished piece! As you can see, even leftover flowers lying around your crafting space can turn into a beautiful bouquet with the right concept, the right design and of course...a single bunch of greenery to start.