July 24, 2020

Christmas in July - How to Upcycle a Faux Pine Wreath!

Has anyone else been watching Hallmark movies the past 2 weeks?! My studio A/C unit gave up on me a little bit ago (if you watch my Facebook lives, you are well aware! Lol) and Christmas in July has not only helped me think cold thoughts, it has also inspired me to pull out some pine wreaths and give them a makeover!

What You'll Need - Part 1!


You will need a faux pine wreath for this upcycle! For this project, I used an 18" pine wreath that I purchased at Michaels after the winter holiday season (helllooooo clearance!). It's been floating around my craft studio for 7 months so it got a wee bit crushed. Don't worry - we will fix that!

What You'll Need - Part 2!


Here is what I used to transform the faux pine wreath (clockwise from top left):

Fluff Your Wreath!


The first pic of this wreath was a little sad but it is super easy to fluff out the pine branches and make it look full and beautiful! Just grab each individual piece and straighten it out. Pull some out towards yourself, some towards the open center and some out to extend the circle edge.

Add Your Filler!


Grab your filler and hot glue gun, pop on a Hallmark movie for inspiration and settle in. This part is tedious but helps to really bring your wreath to the next level!


Starting with your largest filler (for this one, it is the snow pine), either clip the sprigs or pull off from the bunch and weave them into your pine branches. You want to make sure they look like a part of the original wreath design so be sure to hide the clipped ends among the pine. This hidden part is where you want to use hot glue to attach the new greenery to the pine*.

Next I pulled just the berry bits off of the cream and red bunches and spread them throughout the wreath, making sure there was a balance of color. Glue these directly onto the wreath.

Lastly, I used the eucalyptus part of the mix to bring more texture to the overall design. I glued them directly onto the wreath as well!

*One thing to note while using hot glue to attach the new greenery and filler - these wreaths have gaps. They are double wire circle forms with a sparse amount of pine branches. Some of the glue may fall onto the surface you are building the wreath on. I recommend placing a silicone mat under your wreath to  protect your table or desk surface!

Add Your Flowers!


I love how Maggie (my business partner and crafting bestie) painted these poinsettias. LOVE.

The red petals with the green centers with just a tinge of gold glitter? So good .

I know, I know. Time for the next step! I decided to cluster my flowers in the bottom left third of the wreath but you can place them however you would like! Just glue the bottom of the flowers and add them on in your favorite formation. So many options to make the wreath uniquely you!

Bonus Photo! Bleached Filler Pine Wreath!


Remember when I said I was inspired by Christmas in July? Well...one wreath wasn't enough!

For this wreath, I stepped outside of my comfort zone a little and only used bleached filler! First I added a little bleached silver dollar eucalyptus, then bleached oak, then bleached ruscus. I thought it needed a little more oomph so I continued to add eucalyptus until it looked full enough to me! Looking at it now...I wish I had some gold antlers to add in!

I know it seems a little early for winter crafting but hopefully that gives you plenty of time to find a pine wreath and give it an amazing new life!