November 16, 2021

Cozy Winter Scene Wreath!

As we approach the end of November at light speed (seriously, what happened to 2021?!) we are officially in holiday craft season!!

As you know, there are oh so many holiday crafts you could make with sola wood flowers. Wreathes, ornaments, centerpieces…folks, this is our time.

I’m starting off my holiday decor this year with a cozy winter scene designed to help inspire warm holiday memories. With the right touch, you can achieve something of a 3D look, helping this craft truly pop. Let’s get crafting!

What You'll Need: 

 Here is what I used for this project:

Add Moss!

Add some hot glue directly to the bottom of your wreath (where there is no etched image) and place moss right into the glue. Do this in smaller sections so the moss sets (and the glue cools) as you cover the entire open part of the cutout. Once the entire thing is glued down, gently brush your hand over the moss to remove any big pieces of loose moss. 

This step needs your utmost concentration because placing moss into hot glue can lead to burns on your fingers! Just ask my pinkie finger.

Add Flowers! 

For this design, I wanted a very organic look with smaller flowers (cherry blossoms and munchkins!). I glued down* the cherry blossoms first and then added in the munchkins. As you can see, they are not quite in clusters but also not perfectly in symmetry. 

*To ensure your flowers will stay in place on top of moss, you want to glue both the back of the flower AND the spot on the board where it will be attached. For the spot on the board, try to get the glue directly onto the board (you may have to move some moss around to get to it). Then hold down your flower tight against the board until it dries. This will ensure that the flower won't budge when you hang your piece.

Add Your Greenery!

Since I used small flowers, I cut the iced cedar greenery into much smaller pieces too! I added them in a way that they were sort of like leaves for just the cherry blossoms. When gluing these bits down, you also want to try and get as close to directly on the board as possible but you can also glue them to the underside of the flowers for more stability!

Add Your Berries! 

There is something magical about a pop of red on a very neutral background, right?! The berries were added to any holes in the design and distributed evenly throughout the wreath. 

Paint the Wreath Edge!

To finish off the look, grab some paint and a paint brush and add whatever color you like to the top outer ring of the cutout! I went with Pearl from craft smart (it has a slightly shimmery look).

Now, if you are feeling slightly more adventurous with your wreath, continue onto the next step!

Or Go Crazy with Moss!

Adding moss to the outer ring of the wreath (and filling more in on the bottom corners of the winter scene to round it off) really gave this a "we are IN the woods" vibe! After the moss was glued down, I grabbed a can of white spray paint and lightly dusted the moss, flowers and berries with with the paint.

Which finished wreath is your favorite?!