June 07, 2022

Create a Succulent Wall Hanging!

Succulents are a fan favorite, not only because of how adorable they are but also because they require much less maintenance than most house plants. Is it possible to make them even easier to care for? Absolutely. Sola wood flowers are our specialty!

This project is a beautiful way to bring that live succulent look to your home decor.

Select and Paint Your Wood Frame!

This 12”x12” wood piece from Michael’s is perfect for this project! The indent inside is about 1” in depth which will allow the succulent flowers to be glued in securely but also peek out of the box for texture.

There are a few ways you can prep the box before adding in your flowers. You can glue down moss or use one of those moss mats that have a sticky back cut down to size and added in. You can glue down a thin layer of sand or small river rocks. For this project, I painted the inside and halfway up the sides of the box green. The main idea behind adding some color or background is to help hide any gaps that may appear in between your flowers.

Dye Your Flowers!

If you haven’t already seen, sola wood flowers can be transformed into amazing succulents! This set is from our June 2022 monthly dyed subscription box and was actually the inspiration behind this entire piece!

While these were already dyed as succulents, it is very easy to DIY them. Here is a blog all about dyeing succulents and we even have a succulent assortment of sola wood flowers, ready to start painting!

Add Your Flowers!

This next step is where your vision starts to come to life! Before hot gluing any of them down, I started to arrange them in the wood frame. I wanted to make sure all of the colors and flower styles were balanced throughout the piece and that they fit together nicely (it is okay if there are gaps between flowers as we are adding greenery/filler next!). Once they were arranged to my liking, then I hot glued the bottom of each flower down onto the painted part of the frame.

Choose Your Greenery!

Since the flowers are very colorful, I wanted to bring in more greens with our sedum bunch, two tone angel vine and some moss. Cut the greenery down into small pieces and glue it onto your frame to fill in any gaps and to add it to any places between the flowers where you want some extra texture.

Add Your Greenery!

And there you have it! A very simple way to bring a succulent wall hanging into your home!