October 23, 2019

Creating with the Wreath Craft Kit for the first time!

Amber here (from the Oh You're Lovely warehouse in North Carolina!) and Stefanie and Maggie challenged me to make my own wreath using their Wreath Craft Kit. This is my first time using the kit and I decided to dye my own flowers for the first time too!  If you have been wanting to learn how to dye the flowers or purchase one of the kits, follow along on my newbie journey.  

About the Craft Kit:

This kit is great way to introduce yourself to crafting with sola wood flowers!

    So what comes in the kit?!

    In your kit you get:  

    • 1- 14" chicken wire wreath
    • 4 "stems" of mixed euc (faux)
    • 1- 3" American Beauty (raw)
    • 2- 1.5" Rosa (raw)
    • 3- 1.5" American Beauty (raw)
    • 2- 2.5" Rosa (raw)
    • 4- 2.5" Buttercup (raw)
    • 1- Hot glue mat (color is picked at random)

    Holy guacamole, that's a lot of crafting goodness! 

    You can purchase your craft kit here.

    Dying Your Flowers:

    You can dive right in and assemble your kit as is, but you can also dye your flowers first  I chose to dye mine.  It was very easy!

    To learn how to dye your flowers, you can watch a video here.

    Some extra tips on dying:  You want to make sure you dip them or stir them in the bowl.  Soaking them for too long doesn't seem to make the color darker, it just makes the flowers soggy and fragile.  Also, instead of filling your bowl up to the top with water, I recommend half full with more paint.  This allows for more vibrant color.  My flowers were more pastel than expected, but I think they will be great for Spring!


    Assembling your Craft Kit:

    Supplies needed:

    You can also watch how to assemble your craft kit here.

    First I arranged everything on my wreath before gluing.  This helped me visualize what I wanted to achieve.  Once I had a rough idea on how I wanted to assemble everything, I glued down most of the faux stems and saved some tiny clippings for the end to fill in any empty spots.  Then I started to glue my flowers.  I essentially started with the largest and worked my way down to the smaller flowers.  Once everything was in place, I added in those extra sprigs of stems. 

    I noticed that I clustered my flowers pretty close together after I had already glued down everything, so I recommend stepping back every now and then when you are assembling to make sure you like the direction it is going.  However, I am pleased with how my first wreath came out!  

    Overall, I am happy with how my wreath came out.  I was pleasantly surprised at how full it all looked.  You can't beat all of that for $28.99!!  I think this wreath will be great for spring time or even in a baby girl's nursery.  I definitely want to try this again!

    Thank you for following me on my new journey of wreath making with Oh You're Lovely's flowers!

    Have you created with our Chicken Wire Craft Kit yet?!  Share you work on Oh You're Lovely's Facebook group and comment below on your experience!