March 21, 2021

Easter Bonnet Wall Hanging!

You ever have those moments where you have an entire project in mind and you see something out of the corner of your eye that completely turns that idea on its head?!

That is exactly what happened here! I had every intention of putting together a pretty grapevine wreath for Easter/spring and went into the dollar store to buy some moss (they have the perfect sized bag for smaller projects!) and a woman walked past me with the most adorable woven style hat. Here's how I made it into an amazing door/wall hanger!

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used:

  • Woven style or straw hat (I used one from the dollar store)
  • Ribbon
  • Safety pin
  • Wood flowers from Oh You're Lovely

Cut Your Ribbon!

I wanted to add some length to the hat so the first step was to cut a few different styles and colors of ribbons into different lengths. Once those were ready, I laid them flat, pulled them together in the center and tied a knot.

Attach Your Ribbon!

With the ribbon gathered into a bundle, I simply used a safety pin to attach the knot to the hat, under the knot of the ribbon that came with the hat. We will be covering up that area so it doesn't need to be super tidy right now!

Select and Dye Your Flowers!

One of my favorite things about wood flowers is that you can paint them any colors you would like to use! This palette of spring pinks, purples and yellows felt perfect for this project.

Add Your Flowers!

I tried a couple different ways to attach the flowers to the hat - paddle wire, gluing to a ribbon piece and tying that onto the hat band - and honestly, the easiest and most secure way I found was to hot glue them directly to the hat!

Depending on how you want to finish off your hat, you could add greenery or other holiday picks. I chose to keep it basic with bright florals 

Hang Your Bonnet!

I decided to put this bonnet on a door that does not get opened daily and it rests perfectly on a command hook. If you were to hang it on a front or back door or another spot where it would move around quite a bit, I would suggest weaving a thin ribbon or twine through the top of the brim and tying that onto a hook or nail. That will help ensure it has a good grip on the door/wall!

And there you have it! A super quick Easter/spring hanging that I may just find on my door up until the early summer months.