October 12, 2020

Fancy Faux Pumpkins - With Sola Wood Flowers!

Fall is here and it is the best! I could probably do fall themed projects all year, every year but for now, I wanted to go back to a classic - the glammed up pumpkin!

What You'll Need:

  • Pumpkins! They can be found in many craft stores
  • Greenery/filler - autumn inspired colors
  • Sola wood flowers from Oh You're Lovely
  • Hot glue

Dye Your Flowers!

I wanted to get a little fancy with the painting of these flowers so I used a few slightly more advanced techniques. You can find the full walk-through of those right here!

Or, if you are adventurous and love to experiment on your own, grab some craft acrylic paint, some water and a paintbrush and see what you can come up with! Testing out colors and figuring out how the wood flowers react to paint and water is so much fun.

Add Your Greenery/Filler and Flowers!

Now that your flowers are dyed, it is time to get things started!

First, I added the smilax (top left picture). It has a great flow and was the longest greenery type I would be using so I knew it would be a great base. To attach to the pumpkin, I simply used hot glue and a popsicle stick to hold the smilax in place until the glue dried.

Next up was the spring thistle (top right picture). I know that spring is in the name but it has the perfect orangey/yellow hue to go with the non-traditional fall colors I painted my flowers!

To attach the flowers (bottom left picture), I added hot glue to the bottom of the flower and placed them directly on top of the greenery base. I started with the larger flowers closest to the pumpkin stem and then moved outward, smaller in size.

To fill in any gaps created after adding the flowers, I used phalaris (bottom right picture). It is a beautiful dried filler in a sage green tone and is perfect to add some extra whimsy to the piece!

Make a Pumpkin Village!

It is VERY hard to stop at one pumpkin so I made 3 using the same greenery and color story. But it's fall and that's okay, right?!