March 24, 2021

Gift Idea: Easter Jar Topper!

As crafters, sometimes the holidays sneak up on us and we realize we need some last minute gift ideas for our loved ones! This treat jar is inexpensive, quick and will bring a huge smile to anyone who receives it!

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used to start this project:

  • Any jar with a lid (I got this one at a dollar store!)
  • A piece of cardboard large enough to cover the lid
  • A marker or pen
  • E6000

Place the jar lid on top of the cardboard and trace with a marker. Then cut out your circle (don't worry if it isn't perfect!) and E6000 the cardboard circle to the top of the jar. You can use hot glue if you want but E6000 does a much better job of holding to metal surfaces.

Add a Greenery Base!

If you have seen my other projects, you probably know that I use a bunch of faux greenery and fillers. What you may not know is that I have buckets of leftover greenery/filler pieces that I save for projects just like this!

You will only need a few pieces of several different greenery types to help cover up the cardboard and then later, fill in the gaps.

The first pieces I added with hot glue were dusty miller. They have a fun shape and are leafy enough to start hiding that cardboard circle base.

Next, I began to add in Italian ruscus. It has a very soft hang and brings a beautiful texture to the feel of the project.

Add those two fillers in layers overlapping one another until your base is all set!

Paint Your Wood Eggs!

These wooden eggs are adorable! You can get them in all different sizes and they are so easy to paint.

I grabbed some craft acrylic paint in pastel shades and painted three of the eggs for our jar topper. This is a fun way to really be creative and think of different ways to bring in color and designs so enjoy playing with this part!

Add Your Eggs and Fillers!

I wanted the eggs to be the feature area of this topper so I clustered them together just slightly off center. Hot glue held them nice and tightly onto the greenery base.

Once those were on, I could see a few gaps on the side of the eggs so I brought in a bit of laurel and some extra dusty miller to fill it up.

The last step was to bring in some tiny white flowers that I cut down to fit the size of the piece. They really helped to make the entire jar topper pop a bit more!

Add Candy!

Now that your topper is finished, you can add any candy or treats that you want to your jar! Once you screw that jar lid onto the top, you have the perfect gift for anyone 

The best part of this craft is that you can change out the color story, use flowers instead of eggs and add different treats and it can be used for any holiday or season!

Happy crafting!