December 21, 2021

Gift Wrapping with Sola Wood Flowers!

Wrapping gifts is not high on the list of my favorite activities. That said, being able to hand a loved one a beautiful package is absolutely worth the struggles of trying to measure out wrapping paper and losing your scissors, your tape or both!

Today I’ll be walking you through how to make your gift-wrapping into a work of art this year.

**One thing to note - while these are all geared to the winter holiday season, all you need to do is change the wrapping paper, greenery and floral styles/colors and you can create the perfect floral accent for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and any other gift giving occasion!**

Add a Single Flower!

To start, cut a circle out of cardboard. You will want the circle to be slightly larger than the bottom piece of the flower but not larger than the span of the petals. If the back piece of the flower is extra long or tall, snip it off (making sure to not cut the string that holds the flower together).

Time to wrap up your gift (fun fact that you didn't care to know - this is a dinosaur soap making kit for my niece)!

I added the ribbon in a way that a seasoned gift wrapper/bow maker would probably cringe at but since the sloppy knot area will be covered by the mystic moon...that's a win!

Next, hot glue the bottom of the flower to the cardboard. To attach the flower to the gift, I used mounting tape which is pretty much double sided tape. It has a covering on one side that you peel off when you are ready to stick it onto the box so you can prep a bunch of flowers to add after you have wrapped everything!

In retrospect, since I added a ribbon to the gift, I probably would have glued an alligator clip (using E6000) to the back of the cardboard circle. That way, it could be clipped on and off easily and be a floral keepsake after the gift had been opened.

With the gift wrapped, it is time to peel the mounting tape protective layer and place the flower directly on!

A couple things to note:

  1. This is a one shot flower placement. You won't be able to remove the flower without ripping the wrapping paper so be careful when putting it on!
  2. The reason we used a cardboard circle larger than the base is so you can get your fingers under the flower and push down on that extra cardboard to help secure it to the package.

Gift Mini Swag!

Hands down, this is my favorite gift topper of the three I made! To start, cut a small rectangle out of cardboard and grab your favorite greenery and fillers. You can use leftover bits and bobs to create this!

Create a greenery/filler base by gluing the pieces directly onto the cardboard. You may want to grab a popsicle stick to push them down onto the cardboard (to save your fingers from any accidental hot glue burns!). I only used the greens and neutral fillers for this first step.

Before adding your flowers and berries, cut off a strip of mounting tape and attach it to the back of the cardboard. You can also do this before adding any greenery.

Add your flowers and berries, peel the back of the mounting tape and place it directly onto the wrapped present! Again, be mindful of placement because you won't be able to move it without ripping the wrapping paper.

Mini Bouquet!

This version is a tried and true classic! Select greenery and fillers (It is easiest if they are relatively flat and not too voluminous/bulky) and smaller flowers or one larger statement flower.

You want to create a mini bouquet with a flat back. To do this, start with your flattest greenery/filler at the back and build the rest of your bouquet forward. That way, the bouquet will lay flat against the gift and be easier to attach to it. Wrap the handle with ribbon or twine to give it that finished look!

I went a little extra extra and made a mini bouquet that was almost the same size as the full gift I was putting it on. So, to secure the mini bouquet to the gift box, I needed the thread the twine through the back of the bouquet (to ensure the twine would be centered on the gift box). If your bouquet is smaller, you can simply wrap the twine over the spot where the handle meets the base of the greenery/filler.

After threading the twine through the bouquet, I wrapped it around the box and knotted it on top of the box.

Once you cut the leftover string, you can position the bouquet to hide the knot from sight!

And there you have it! Perfectly wrapped gifts with a mini floral gift on the outside.

Happy crafting and Happy Holidays!