May 29, 2018

How many flowers do I need for my bouquet?

Are you getting ready to DIY your wedding bouquet with sola wood flowers?  Stumped just how many flowers you need to buy to get started?   I found this wonderful graphic and reached out to the original creator to get permission to give you guys and gals a great visualization...... 


how many sola wood flowers for a bouquet

(Thank you so much Gigi Sue for permission to use this!) 

This is a great starting off point I would say most bridal bouquets would be on the larger size and your bridal party would be in that lower two sizes.  I would suggest ordering a few extras for when you are learning how to dye the flowers and if you want to practice putting a smaller bouquet together but there you go simple enough!  Under 50 flowers and you can have a beautiful wedding bouquet!