May 24, 2022

How to Create a Wildflower Bouquet!

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer, and what better way to welcome in the warmest, sunniest season of the year than with a sola wood wildflower bouquet (and a HUGE sunflower!).

So – today we’re going for a beautiful, summery, handpicked bouquet, filled with a focal sunflower and poppies!

Grab Two Mystic Moons!

The mystic moon is hands down one of my favorite sola wood flowers! It is a stunning focal flower that has the ability to be used as-is or transformed into some amazing flowers. Today, we will be turning two of them into the perfect sunflower!

Shape the Petals!

Sunflowers have a pointier petal so I used hair cutting scissors to trim the petals into shape. I also cut out the stamen (top right pic) because I will be adding a different flower for the center.

Next, I cut off the petals from a second mystic moon and gave them the same pointy shape. Once those were finished, I placed them into the creases to fill out the sunflower shape.

One thing to note - you may want to dye the mystic moon and single flower petals before gluing the petals in. That will ensure you get full color throughout without the glue repelling the paint color.

Dye and Add the Center!

I looked in my flower stash to grab a marigold or zinny to dye and place in the center of the morphed mystic moon to complete the sunflower look. But that is when I found a chrysanthemum!

The indent on that flower is perfect for the full sunflower look! One thing to note - you can also create that same indent with a marigold or zinny by cutting down some of the petals in the center.

Here I used a 2" chrysanthemum but I would recommend a 3" for an even fuller center on the sunflower.

Dye All the Flowers!

Wildflower bouquets include a wide variety of flower types and colors.

One of the most common is poppies! The poppies I used for this bouquet were from last year's dyed assortment but here is a blog all about how to dye different varieties of poppies!

I also included peonies, ranunculus, cottage roses, fridas and other luxe flowers.

When the flowers are dry, stem them onto 18 gauge floral stems.

Prep Your Greenery!

Since we will be using the bouquet hack (seriously, one of the easiest ways to put a bouquet together and you can find the full blog on it here!), you will want to break them into individual pieces. Here is a blog where we show you how to do so!

For this bouquet, I used (from left to right), sage greenery, mixed wild fern, eucalyptus and lamb's ear mixed bundle, Italian ruscus, tiny white blooms, angel vine, and white heather.

Make Flower/Greenery Bundles!

The next step is to create small bundles of flowers and greenery/filler. Take one flower and and a few pieces of greenery and filler to it, and tape it together. Do this for each flower that you want to include in your bouquet.

Build Your Bouquet!

When building the bouquet, put the greenery side of your individual bundles in between the flowers. After adding your bundles, you can add in individual flowers between bundles and greenery or filler to the underside of the bouquet.

So there you have it! With a little ingenuity (and a little dye) you can make a Memorial Day-appropriate or wedding bouquet that will be right at home in any decor. Happy crafting!