May 03, 2021

How to Make a Flower Cloche!

While in the floral section of the dollar store, I stumbled upon these adorable plastic cloches and needed to give the rose-in-a-jar idea a try for myself!

Spray Paint the Base!

I wanted to bring some gold into this piece so it was fit for a fairy tale theme! To do this, I simply sprayed it with Design Master Brilliant Gold and then let it dry for an hour.

Add a Piece of Foam!

Once the paint was dry, I hot glued a small piece of foam to the center. There is a small hole in the base so I suggest setting a silicone mat or something that can be easily cleaned up under the base while the glue dries.

Create a Beautiful Flower!

The wood flower I used is a 1.5" lovely dyed in deep red. It was the perfect size for the small cloche!

Since the flower and its stem are the focal point of the piece, I wanted to make sure the stem was as realistic as possible. I looked in my greenery/filler stash and found an autumn thistle stem that I knew would be fantastic, it just needed a little zhuzhing up!

To start, I took the bottom leaf off of the stem and cut off the nub that held it onto the stem. Next, I cut off the thistle piece and left approximately 1/2" of the stem higher than the smaller top leaf. I glued the flower directly on top of the stem.

Pop the Stem Into Your Foam!

The last steps in creating my flower was to trim down the leaf and to cut down the bottom of the stem to ensure the cloche would fit over everything once it was glued into the foam piece!

Use Moss to Cover the Foam and Base!

To cover up the foam, I used floral moss (also from the dollar store!) and simply hot glued it down over the foam but also the full base.

At this point, you could just pop the cloche cover on and be done with this project. Not bad for 10 minutes of crafting and less than $3 in materials.

BUT! For an extra ~$1.25...let's add some fairy lights 

Add Fairy Lights!

This part takes a little trial and error but I started by completely unraveling the copper wire. Then, starting at the base, I kind of looped it around and up over the flower. Once you put the cloche on, it helps to contain the lights! I hid the battery pack under the base.

How cute is this all lit up?! These would be perfect as centerpieces for a fairy tale birthday party or as favors for a wedding!