April 19, 2021

How to Make a Moss Floral Wreath!

Mother's Day is coming and as a florist and crafter, it has been a tradition to make my mom a spring wreath as a gift each year! She has quite the collection now (grapevine, metal hoop, wood round, etc.) so I wanted to try something different. This moss/wood base was under $5 to make and then I added extra greenery, filler and wood flowers to make it super unique!

Add Your Moss!

Creating the moss wreath base is really messy but super easy! For mine, I used a 12" mdf board from Michaels and one bag of green moss from the dollar store. Add hot glue to the board (I like doing this is 2" sections) and put your moss down on top of the glue.

Choose Your Greenery!