April 26, 2022

How to Make a Spring Grapevine Wreath!

One of the unspoken challenges of being a crafter is finding a way to be a true, creative, original artist while also honoring tried-and-true seasonal color patterns. The answer?! Don't be afraid to experiment and break the rules!

That's what we're doing today. We're making a spring wreath while starting with just about the most un-spring color you could think of: black.

Seems like a challenge, right? Let's get started and see where we land!

Spray Paint the Grapevine Wreath!

A quick and easy way to update a regular grapevine wreath is with a can of spray paint. Ok I know that a black grapevine wreath doesn't necessarily come to mind when thinking of a spring vibe but...once you see the flowers that are being used, it will all tie together.

Choose Your Greenery!

Since the wreath base is now black, I wanted to use bright and vibrant greenery.

From left to right:

Create Your Greenery Base!

Starting with the seeded Italian ruscus, I cut off two stems from the bunch and then cut those stems into two pieces. The ends were used on the top and the bottom (both facing out) to help create the boundaries of where the full arrangement would be. The bottom pieces were used to fill in the middle section. Use hot glue to secure the stems into the wreath base.

I then cut off 4 stems of the two toned angel vine bunch and repeated the process of marking the boundaries and filling in the middle section.

This greenery base is what we will be building our florals on.

Choose Your Flowers!

Full confession: when crafting, it's not uncommon for me to take an occasional shortcut. So when there is an opportunity to use pre-dyed flowers that fit the season and/or holiday that is coming up, I take it!

These flowers were a part of our April subscription boxes - the Dyed Assortment and the Stash Builder PLUS - and they are PERFECT for the spring vibe I was going for. See those anemones?! That's where I pulled the black for our grapevine wreath.

To prep the flowers, I just glued a small piece of floral wire stem* into the bottom. The wire can be short (2-4") but adding that helps to bring dimension to your wreath when adding the flowers in.

*You can also use toothpicks but I prefer the flexibility of floral wire when adjusting flowers.

Add Your Flowers!

To start, add in your largest flowers. In this case, it was the pink magnolias. They take up the most space and and can be the focal point of the wreath!

Keep Adding Flowers!

When building wreaths, I generally add one flower size/color/style at a time. This allows you to ensure that those elements are being evenly distributed throughout the entire wreath.

Top left: Since the anemones (Mona Lisa flowers) inspired the color of the grapevine wreath base, I wanted to make sure they were added next. That way, the black is a feature in the floral arrangement section and ties in the grapevine itself.

Top right: Our sola wood flower magnolias have petals that are more structured so they take up a more definitive amount of space. That is why I added the yellow centered magnolias next.

Bottom left: The peachy-orange dolly's were next! One thing to note, as the flower size goes down, I generally use more of them in the arrangement. When they are smaller, you need more of them to balance out the colors you are using.

Bottom right: Time to add the soft, sagey green dazzles. At 1.5", these flowers are great to help fill in any gaps.

Prep Your Spring Eggs!

Decorative eggs aren't just for Easter arrangements! These faux robin's eggs are an adorable accent for this spring wreath.

To prep them, poke the bottom of the egg with a floral wire stem (the centers are made of foam). Pull the wire out, add a small dab of glue and reinsert the wire stem.

Add Your Eggs!

Add Your Final Fillers!

I cut down small sprigs of the spring bloom filler and angel vine greenery and glued them into any remaining gaps.

This wreath might have some unconventional spring colors but that spring vibe is definitely clear to see! And with not having to dye flowers thanks to the subscription box, this beauty was ready to hang in around 30 minutes!!