April 24, 2020

How to Dye Sola Wood Flowers (with paint color guide) - Spring Flowers!

When you work with wood flowers, it is both exciting and overwhelming to know you can choose from any color story that exists (or that you want to create!). The list of options is limitless and can sometimes send you down a rabbit hole - ie: pinning 8 million inspiration photos from Pinterest. Trust me - we’ve all been there!

So I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite flower and color combinations for each season, along with the exact paint colors I used to create them. My hope is to spark your imagination or to get you started on dyeing flowers

First up - the spring combo I have been OBSESSED with this year! 

dyed sola wood flowers

I mean…. There is something about yellow hues, purples and (always) pinks that hits me at the right angle to make all of the spring crafts.

Here is what I used. One thing to note - all the sola wood flowers are from our shop here at Oh You’re Lovely and are linked throughout the blog post:

sola wood rose

These 2” American Beauty flowers are dip-dyed in Apple Barrel’s “21464E Cameo Pink.” New to dyeing wood flowers? Check out our video tutorial here 

mini sola flower

At Oh You’re Lovely, we have an assortment of Mini Flowers and I pulled a few mini zinnies from it for a dip-dye in Ceramcoat “Purple Heather - 02719.”

daisy sola wood flower

The wild double daisy flowers are hand-painted only in the center with Americana “Summer Squash.”

hydrangea sola wood

One of my favorite things about our Hydrangeas is that you can use them as one big statement flower or you can break them apart into individual smaller flowers (like I did here) and create pansies! Dyeing these is a two-step process. For the base color, I used Ceramcoat “Pansy 02663” and dip-dyed them. While they are still damp, I took a paintbrush and dabbed a little of Apple Barrel “21488E Purple Pansy” in the center.

ranunculus sola flower

For the Ranunculus, I used 3 different colors and a few different painting methods. First, I dip dyed the flowers completely in Americana “Summer Squash.” Then, I used a paint/water mixture of Apple Barrel “21472E Jack-O-Lantern” and dipped only the sides of the flower (basically, you spin the flower in the mixture but only with the sides of the flower touching it). With the outer layer orange, I used a paintbrush to get some of that color inside the outer petals for a more blended look. The last step is to dip your paintbrush in Handmade Modern (found at target) satin finish “LEAF” (only paint, no water) and add that to the center section.

sola wood flower spring mix tutorial

And there you have it! A spring mix that will work well with any of your projects from wreaths to centerpieces to wildflower bouquets! Happy painting and let us know in the comments if you have any other color stories you would love to see.