April 11, 2020

How to make bunny ears

With Easter right around the corner, here is a quick and easy craft to put together for your kiddos (or yourself!). Who is ready for some bunny ears?!

bunny ears with sola wood flowers

What You’ll Need

supplies to make bunny ears











 Here is what you’ll need:

  • Headband (any kind that sits on the top of your head will do!)
  • Fabric
  • Pipe cleaners, paddle wire or jewelry wire
  • Greenery (optional)
  • Sola wood flowers (optional)

Create the Base Structure

making the structure of the bunny ears











 Take your pipe cleaners and shape them into bunny ears! You can use paddle wire or jewelry wire for this step but I found pipe cleaners to be the easiest to manipulate into the correct shape. Once they look like ears, twist the bottom one time, leaving around .5”-1” ends (so they keep their shape but can be attached to the headband). Then attach the ears by wrapping the ends around the headband.

Add the Fabric!

adding fabric to the bunny ears











Cut your fabric* into thin strips (1” or less) and begin to wrap it around the headband and ears! I found it easiest to start at one end of the headband and work my way up and around to the other end. You will want to hot glue as you go to make sure the fabric can be tightly wound around everything. 

*The sky is the limit with what type of fabric to use! Any color works and patterns can give it a little extra oomph. You can also use ribbon, lace, twine, yarn or anything else that will bring the pieces together and unify them into one bunny ear headband!

Finish the Ears!

diy bunny ear tutorial











 This next step can be done in two different ways! I cut out two pieces of fabric for the ear backings by tracing the ear shapes onto the fabric (you can also eyeball it if you have those skills!). Then I glued a thin line on the back of the ears and attached the fabric. You can also just glue your fabric swatch onto the back of the ears and trim after the glue has dried. Totally up to you and what works best/most naturally for you!

Optional Step but Oh So Cute!

Bunny ear headband tutorial featuring sola wood flowers











 You know we love our flowers around here (and being extra-extra) so this step is always a must! For a little extra pizazz, you can glue a few pieces of greenery and flowers onto the headband and bottoms of one or both ears! For this set, because I used a very bold and floral pattern, I went with a more subtle floral add-on. 

And just like that – you have your very own bunny ears!

Let us know in the comments if you will be making these bunny ears for a holiday celebration or just a fun dress-up activity!!