June 29, 2018

How to make faux succulents using sola wood flowers

Here are a few of the succulents I recently painted.  These have such a great impact in a bunch, have no fear though they are super easy to create.  Watch me dye the flowers to create a batch of succulents for an upcoming project.

Sola Wood Flower DIY Project

Sola Wood Flower Succulent

Isnt that mum adorable as a spiky succulent?!?!  Get your raw sola wood flowers right here


To make these faux succulent is really simple!  You will need for this DIY Project:

  • Craft Acrylic Paint in a various amount of colors.  I would recommend a few shades of green for the base of the flower and then some accent colors like purple, burgundy, coral, and navy. 
  • Sola wood flowers (you can get some right here on our site!) 
  • A paint brush
  • a cup of water

For this tutorial I had done a facebook live on just how easy it is to paint these wood flowers to look like succulents check it out below!