April 12, 2022

How to Paint Luxe Flower Roses!

Our luxe flowers are some of the most realistic looking wood flowers on the market. They have incredibly intricate designs yet can be intimidating to paint or dye. While the roses we have highlighted can be finicky, here are some tried and true ways to make them look just like fresh flowers!

Focus on the Center!

OYL Flower: St. Olaf Rose

Paint Technique: Hand Paint

  • Using a paint brush, add the paint directly to the center of the flower. The center of this flower is unique and does not have a curled edge (similar to the Paris - a non-luxe flower) so there is no risk of unfurling.

Use a Pre-Sealant Spray!

OYL Flower: Blanche

Paint Technique: Pre-treated with a sealant spray and Dip Dye.

  • Spray the raw flower with a sealant such as Design Master Super Sealant spray or Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealant spray. Wait at least one hour for the flowers to dry.
  • Dip dye in a paint/water/glycerin mixture but use 1.5 times the amount of glycerin to ensure the flowers become softer.


OYL Flower: Luxe Peony

Paint Technique: Hand painted using the Painting Delicate or Curled Flowers technique from our Hand Painting 101 blog!

  • Add paint directly to the petal creases (this was Apple Barrel “Cameo Pink”), wet brush, pull paint toward edges.

Two-Toned Flowers!

OYL Flower: Tea Rose

Painting Technique: Both Dip Dye and Hand Paint.

  • Use the dip dye method for your base coloring (this color is craft smart “Coral”). Take a soft, flat paint brush and dip it into straight paint (the edges in the picture above is created using craft smart “Coral Reef”), then water and then apply it to the edges of your petals.
  • If you want a smooth blend of red into yellow, let the flowers dry for just a few minutes after dip dyeing before adding the red. If you want a harsher definition between the two colors, let the flowers dry for 30-45 minutes and do not spray with water after applying the red to the petal edges.
  • While this particular luxe rose doesn’t completely lose its curl when dip dyed, we recommend spraying this style of flower with Design Master Super Sealant or Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer sprays and letting it completely dry before dip dyeing if you want every tight curl to stay in place.

And just like that, you have a wood flower masterpiece with our luxe flowers acting as the star of the show! Does that featured luxe flower need a little extra pampering compared to your typical wood flower? Perhaps. But as you can see – the results are worth it!