August 06, 2018

How to shape sola flowers

how to shape sola wood flowers
Sometimes sola flowers get a bit squished or misshapen but have no fear or worry with just a bit of tap water and a small amount of time you will go from a sort of sad looking flower to a gorgeous full flower!
It doesn't look like a beautiful full rose just yet but give me 2 minutes and it will be a whole different looking flower!
Take a bit of tap water (I like it to be a bit warm but that is just a personal preference) and saturate the flower in the water.  (just a few dunks is all it takes, make sure to shake off the excess water)
Because the sola flowers are a pliable wood product the petals of the flowers are able to be manipulated with a bit of water.  So once the flower has a bit of water on it you want to gently with your fingers start separating the petals to fan out the flower.
Once its the shape, you are happy with set aside the flowers to dry (about 24 hours) and then you are ready to either dye them or use them in their natural cream color for an arrangement.  
You can also shape your flowers while you dye them so for those that you want to dye your flowers and those flowers are looking a little smooshed you can reshape the petals at the same time, talk about time efficiency!
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments and until next time happy crafting! 
XO Stefanie