November 20, 2020

Illusion Embroidery Hoop

Have you ever seen those beautiful pieces where it looks like the flowers and greenery are suspended in air? I looove them and wanted to put one together. Here is the process to make your own stunning wall art!

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used:

  • A large oval wooden embroidery hoop (you can use any size or shape)
  • A sheet of tulle
  • Greenery/filler (I went for an autumn theme and used both faux and dried products)
  • Sola wood flowers from Oh You're Lovely

Create the Illusion Base!

The illusion has already started (the tulle is already attached in this pic!)!

To add the tulle to your embroidery hoop, first separate the wood pieces (you'll need to loosen the bolt and pull them apart). Next, cut a piece of tulle that is about 3" bigger on all sides of the hoop. You will want to lay that piece over the inner hoop (the one without the bolt/fastener) and gently place the outer hoop over that. Tighten the bolt slightly and begin pulling your tulle to stretch it and remove any wrinkles or lumps. **Tulle is prone to ripping so take your time for that part!**

Once you have it taught across the hoop, tighten the bolt even more and grab a silicone mat or something to put under the hoop to catch the glue that will fall through as you attach your greenery, filler and flowers!

Start Adding Greenery/Filler!

Tulle is very porous so for this step, you will definitely want a silicone mat or craft paper under your hoop!

Begin with your largest leaves and hot glue them directly to the tulle. I wanted to go for almost a bouquet type of look here so the design is fullest in the middle 1/3 of the hoop. With the largest leaves glued down, you now have a good base to start adding in/gluing down your smaller fillers and flowers.

Add Your Flowers!

After a few leaves and filler had been added, I decided to start bringing in flowers. With some of them being larger and/or more colorful, they can fill larger holes or spaces in the design. Once the flowers were in place, I glued in small sprigs of additional fillers guessed it...fill in any spots that needed more oomph!

Add a Bow!

In my wood flower world, it is well known that I am not a bow maker. You know the Bowdabra bow maker? I have one and I still struggle with them!

But for this, I went with a very simple bow and glued it onto the stems.

And there you have it - your very own crafty magic trick!