February 05, 2021

Meet the Oh You're Lovely (OYL) Team!

Oh You’re Lovely has grown so much since we began 2 years ago while Maggie and I are in the business everyday in every which way we wouldn't be where we are today without an amazing and hardworking team helping us continue to grow.  We wanted to give you a chance to get to know more about everyone where you can find them via social media (many of our team members run their own businesses as well, show them some love!) and put a lovely face to the people who are packing your orders, painting your flowers, making your wood craft supplies and helping bring you inspiration every day!

Meet Patti  


Where people can find you on IG: 


 A little bit about yourself: 

I am a tree-hugging Nature lover with 3 awesome kids (ages 20, 17, and 13). I love to hike and cross-country ski, and have too many hobbies (crafting, sewing, embroidery, calligraphy, photography, graphic design). I also have a passion for growing flowers and herbs, and my #1 bucket list item is to see the Northern Lights. An odd talent I have is wiggling my ears.

A few favorite OYL items (I couldn't pick just one!):

Wildflower assortment

Circle Floral wood cutout

Dyed pansies

Globe Amaranth (all of them!)



Meet Wendy

Where people can find you on IG:



A little bit about yourself:

I am Canadian but have lived in North Carolina since 2007. Which means some of my favourite activities such as walking in the snow or skating don’t happen often. Luckily I love being outside in any season (fall is my top pick though). I love to do anything creative: iPhone photography, painting, dabbling in my art journal, writing . . .

I live with my husband, Chris, my two teenage daughters, two cats, and two dogs. 

I love the outdoors. Gardens, forests, meadows, mountains. They bring me back to myself every time. In my previous job as a teacher assistant I used to tell the students I was part wood nymph because of my curiosity and love of nature. Seems legit that I now work painting flowers every day! 

Favorite item we offer at OYL:

Pansies! Pansies are my favourite flower and I love painting them!

Meet Maggie (aka Maggie #2)

 Where people can find you on IG: 


A little bit about yourself: 

I am based in Richmond, VA with my husband Brian and my adorable pug Shay! Crafting has always been a big part of my life (fun fact - I first started with counted cross stitching when I was 11!) and I have been working with sola wood flowers for 3 years. My favorite floral arrangements to make are anything giant and way over the top! 

A few favorite OYL items: 

Mystic moon (swoon!) 

baby Betty's

every style of peony 

allllll the greenery! If you don't own any Italian ruscus...add to cart asap!


Meet Dawn + Jayson (our husband/wife duo)

Where people can find you on IG:


A little bit about yourself:

We enjoy time together and with our daughter Sunny. When the three of us are together there’s a lot of walking and song singing and answering the question, “what that?!” 

We met at a shoe store in 2008 and just opened our own shoe store last year. Helping people find comfy shoes that look and feel great never gets old and has given us the opportunity to meet and befriend some amazing and interesting folks. 

Dawn enjoys number puzzles and sudoku, finding new music and tending to the shop plants. 

Favorite item we offer at OYL: 

We like the Barkie Smalls mix and also really love the dyed assortments. The dyed assortments are so beautiful and the ladies work so hard to make sure they’re just right, it’s really neat to see those come together.


Meet Shawn (Maggie's husband and Stefanie's "BFF")

A little bit about yourself: 

I enjoy soccer, hiking and camping.  I play the guitar, piano, drums, flute as well mix music digitally.  I have spent a lot of time in the Amazon with the Siekopai Indigenous community.  Oh and torturing Stefanie on FB Lives (she gets confused easily!)

Favorite item we offer at OYL:

All the wood cutout products because I designed them🤣


Maya aka The Boss  

Maya is a big deal and has an IG account @mayapapayatheboss

Maya runs the warehouse and makes sure everything is the highest quality possible!  She enjoys blanket towers, chasing her toys, and begging for rotisserie chicken to top her kibble.  


Josie aka The Studio Pup


Josie keeps Stefanie company so she doesn't always talk to herself and judges all of her projects from laying down on her bed in front of the fireplace with just an eyebrow raise.  Occasionally barks to speak her mind and demands Stefanie leave the studio from time to time. Oh she also is a big deal and has been on a few youtube tutorials and facebook lives.