November 09, 2020

No Carve, No Paint Fall Pumpkin Craft!

This is a super simple way to transform pumpkins this fall into works of art - without the mess of pumpkin goo or paint! Pumpkins are a decor staple all fall long - especially when you use this hack! It does not damage the pumpkin in any way and they can be out from September-November!

What You'll Need:

You will need:

  • Pumpkin (real or faux)
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Bowl of room temp water
  • Paper Towels

Remove Plastic and Place Tattoo!

The hardest part of this entire project is selecting which temporary tattoo you want to use for your pumpkins. The second hardest is not tattooing yourself from head to toe in the process (I may have ended up with full forearm tattoos to see what they would look like!).

Once you have selected the temporary tattoo you want to use, peel off the plastic covering. The tattoo paper is a little sticky to help keep it in place.

Wet Paper Towels!

I folded up some paper towels and dunked them straight into my bowl of water. You want the paper towels to be wet but not dripping so ring them out a little.

Apply Paper Towels to Tattoo!

After you have wet the paper towels, pull them back out as flat as you can and cover the whole tattoo paper. Apply pressure over the entire tattoo for 3-5 seconds. Remove the paper towel, check to be sure the entire tattoo paper is wet and starting at one corner, pull that paper back. The tattoo should now be on your pumpkin!

Since pumpkins have ridges, there may be some spots where you have to use your wet paper towel to push the tattoo into those valleys. I tried using my fingers for that and it was a giant mess so I definitely recommend the wet paper towel for this!

Tattoo Pumpkin Family!

I had so much fun making these pumpkins and working with temporary tattoos! Be forewarned, once you start, no container or object is safe!

Happy crafting!