July 29, 2020

Quick and Easy Wood Bead and Wood Flower Wreath!

I love natural looking pieces that can be up all year! Especially when they don't take a ton of materials or time!

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used for this project:

Add the Beads!

Dab a little hot glue on the back of the bead and apply it to the thinner part of the wood wreath form! Repeat on the next bead and make sure the beads are touching. Continue until you have the entire thin section covered (leaving the thicker section open for greenery and flowers).

I used 37 of the half wooden beads for this 14 inch form!

OPTIONAL: Spray Paint!

Once the beads are attached to the frame and before you start adding greenery and flowers, this is the perfect time to grab a can of spray paint in whatever color you want to use and give the whole piece a different look! I wanted my wreath to be the natural wood but it would look great in any color

Add A Greenery Base

I changed my mind several times about what greenery I wanted to use but decided I wanted it to have a slightly summery feel. Hence...mixed ferns (take a look at our full selection of greenery to find one that speaks to you for your wreath here!)! I hot glued them directly to the thicker part of the wreath form and used a popsicle stick to hold them in place until the glue cooled down (my fingers thank me when I think ahead like that!). I added greenery until I had a good base for the flowers to go on.

Add Flowers!

Peonies are a favorite of mine! Not so fun fact - my live peony bush only had a few blooms this spring (sad face) but...that is one of my favorite things about wood flowers. You can use your favorite types, even when the fresh flower version isn't in season! Plus, we have a whole bunch of different peony styles in our shop ! I grabbed a few and hot glued them directly onto our greenery base one at a time, starting with the largest flower and working my way outward to the smallest flowers.

And there you have it! In under 30 minutes, a beautiful wood flower and wood bead wreath that you can hang all year long!