January 18, 2021

Reverse Floral Heart Board!

In my little crafting niche of wood flowers, Valentine's Day usually sparks heart boards. They are super cute and basically consist of a wooden board with a heart made of flowers in the middle. I love them but...I am not good at making shapes with the flowers! Twine, however, is another story and that is why I decided to try a reverse heart board.

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used for this project:

Paint Your Board and Create Your Heart!

The first thing I did was to spray paint my wooden board a metallic rose gold. You can use any color for this part but note that it will be the color of the empty heart on your piece and will peek through your fillers (as we won't be doing a complete coverage with the fillers/flowers).

Next, I used a pencil to freehand a heart shape onto the board. You can also print off a heart shape, cut it out of paper and trace that onto the board!

Once you have an outline of the heart, you can start gluing on the twine! I added a drop of hot glue to the base point of the heart and placed the twine in it. Then I glued onto the board (tracing the heart) while laying the twine onto it.

The Fillers We Used:

From left to right:

Add Your Fillers!

When it comes to working with different materials in a similar color story, layering is the way to go! It ensures you will get to see the different textures and styles of the fillers you are working with.

I started by adding a layer of bleached eucalyptus (top left picture). I kept the stems close to the twine with the leaves radiating out from that heart center.

Next up was to add the bleached ruscus (top right). You'll notice the bottom of the stems starts to get closer to the heart outline.

The third layer I added was of dried achillea of pearl. It brought in a beautiful green stem and tiny flowers. Again I layered them on top of the other fillers already glued down!

The last filler used was white phalaris. The heads are a great cone-ish shape and they add so much texture and movement to a piece! I was able to slide the stems among the layers of the other fillers and glue them down that way. Once those were in, I took bits and bobs from all of the fillers to cover the glue down near the twine on the outside of the heart.

Add Your Flowers!

You *could* be done with the board after adding all of the fillers. But I'm a flower gal and wanted to add a subtle pop of color with them!

I dyed 8 wood flower buds and 23 munchkin flowers from our Oh You're Lovely shop using Ceramcoat "Touch O Pink" using the dip dye method. After they had dried, I snuggled them in among the fillers (gluing them as they were added) and this project is finished!

Anyone else love understated colors for this holiday?!


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