September 07, 2020

Romantic Boho Wall Hanging!

It doesn't matter the season I am always excited to change up my decor! This is a piece that can be displayed in your house or outdoors. You will want to make sure it is protected from inclement weather as the ribbon and wood flowers last longer when dry.

What You'll Need:

Here is what I used for this project:

  • Metal triangle (the one I used is the gold but the silver would be amazing if you are working with a cool toned color story!)
  • Ribbon. All the ribbon!
  • Ribbon widths from 3/8" - 1.5"
  • All different textures - satin, velvet, cross grain, muslin and even some pom pom trim
  • Choose your color story and get ribbon in many shades!
  • Greenery (exact list of what I used in Step 3)
  • Sola wood flowers from Oh You're Lovely
  • Twine
  • Binding wire

Cut and Add the Ribbon!

I cut the ribbon into many different lengths but always cut at around a 45 degree angle. Starting at one end of the bottom of the triangle, I created a loose loop with a ribbon and pulled the end of the ribbon through the loop (making sure the triangle was in between}. It is a little hard to describe but I looped it around the triangle the way I loop a scarf around my neck!

To add even more texture and dimension, I don't fold the ribbon in half to make my loop. Instead, I make one side longer than the other (how much longer changes each time).

The Filler I ACTUALLY Used!

Preserved bleached "greenery" and fillers have been on trend for a while now and since we just got new versions in our shop, I wanted to try to keep everything in the ivory/white/pink/burgundy family!

Attached Bleached Filler Base!

For this step, I actually created little filler bundles and tied them together with twine. Then I attached them to the triangle by tying them on with more twine! I attached to the triangle in 2-3 different spots to ensure they had a good hold.

I find that making bundles first is a bit easier to play with their shape. Plus, it makes for less of a twine mess on the back of the project.

Stem the Flowers with Binding Wire!

This is a super fun hack I learned from one of our customers. Cut off a ~4 inch strip of binding wire and bend it in half. Glue the bended section into the bottom of your flower. Now you are able to place the flower onto the triangle and twist the binding wire so the flower stays in place!

It's pretty magical!

Add Your Flowers!

Here is a list of the flowers I used for this project:

Add your flowers to the triangle using the binding wire trick until you like the overall shape and balance of colors.

Add Your Faux Fillers!

Since the ribbon, filler and most of the flowers are lighter shades, I wanted to bring in some darker elements to tie the burgundy flowers in. Welcome to our triangle, sedum and sparkle fall berries!

For these bits and bobs of filler, I simply hot glued them into spaces between flowers or flowers and bleached filler.

You Are Done!

And there you have it! A romantic, boho piece that can be hung in your house, on your front door, in my (or your) 4 season room, or on your covered porch to give it a little boost! Pair it with fairy lights, some candles, soft pink pillows, the outdoor breeze...and you have a new sanctuary at home