July 02, 2020

String Art - Farmhouse Style! (downloadable template included)

I have seen some amazing string art designs and wanted to see if I could put something together on a much smaller (and easier) scale! Turns out, it is a ton of fun to make and you get a little arm workout in the process!


What You'll Need:

string art tutorial

Here is what I used for this craft:

Add Nails Around the Jar Outline!

string art template

This first step can be tedious but I also found it to be a great stress reliever! Hammer the nails along the design outline. Generally, I spaced them about 1-1.5 inches apart. When I got to a rounded area (especially the lip of the jar design), I added nails closer together. This will help keep the curve of the design after adding the string.

Start Adding String or Twine!

nail and string art tutorial

I tied one end of the twine around a nail and double knotted it. Adding the string around the outline of the jar will be one continuous step so get ready to start looping!

From the nail where my twine is secured, I pulled the twine taught and looped it around the next nail closest to it. When you get to an end point of the design, you can double back with the twine to an outer nail. Then you can continue through the outline!

Finish the Outline, Add a Little Flair!

removing the template string art

To complete the outline of the jar, I went all around the edges and tied the twine to the nail we started with. You could be done after that step but I wanted to go a little extra extra on the jar .

I started a new piece of twine on the main part of the jar and looped the twine around the outer nails in a criss cross "pattern" (I'm loosely using the word pattern as I just kept going until I liked the way it looked!).

Once you are done with your design, you just rip out the paper template underneath the twine.

Add Flowers and Greenery!

farmhouse string art piece

My favorite step always is when we bring in the greenery and floral pieces! First, I cut a few sprigs of greenery and slid them in under the twine to create the shape of my floral section.  If you want to see a few tips and tricks on how to make the most of your greenery and fillers, take a look here! Since I wanted this piece to be able to stay up all year, I went with very neutral tones (with a hint of pink, of course!) - tiny variegated leaves spring and twigs, lamb’s ear and mini eucalyptus spring greenery with pink flowers are what I used for this version. I think it would look amazing if you added in some of our bleached or dried fillers though!

I used our sola wood flowers that have bark on them to really bring out that farmhouse vibe! To add them, you can either stem them with floral wire or glue directly to the greenery or board.  

 And there you have it - a pretty home decor piece you can have out all year!