September 14, 2020

Turn an MDF Scrap Into a Key Holder!

Have you ever opened up a box, found a piece of what many would consider junk and just known you could turn it into something purposeful? We're crafters so it is part of our nature to find the pretties! Follow along to see how a scrap piece of mdf can be transformed.


What You'll Need:


Here is what I used for this project:

Paint the Board and Word Cutout!

I dry brushed the paint onto each surface and used a wet paper towel (pro tip - you can also use a baby wipe!) to help distribute it fully onto the pieces. Once they were dry, I glued the wood word cutout onto the mdf board.

Add the Hooks!

I used hooks that you can twist/screw right into the board but the hooks here look to be a bit simpler to add! For the ones without the separate nail to hold them in place, you'll want to use a small drill to pre-make a hole for the screw part to hold onto.

As you can see, I eyeballed the placement so the middle hook is a little higher than the others. Maybe I'll just say that one is special and use that for the dog leash

Add the Greenery and Flowers!

You didn't think I'd make a piece without some sort of greenery and wood flowers, right? Grab some of your favorites (I used thelma, artichoke and a tiny mum for the flowers and tiny variegated leaves and burgundy plum floral buds for the greenery) and start gluing them into place!

You'll only need little sprigs of the greenery and a few flowers to create a really charming accent on your new key holder.

In less than 30 minutes, you can turn scraps into a super functional and pretty piece! Happy crafting!